Daylan Tomas

Daylan Tomas

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

R&B music with a gospel influence. Music straight from the soul. Songs reflect real life and relationships.


As a smooth, poetic, and intriguing R&B melody plays off the tongue of this simple laid back kind of guy, you cant help but to stop and lend an ear. Or in some cases, prevent the cold chills that forms and trickles down your spine while listening to Daylan Tomas. This California native, is striving for more than just captivating his audience with his single He Said She Said. He is interested in introducing them to a world of timeless music with a message.

CEG Presents the Daylan Tomas Project, Daylans first debut album is expected to be released this year 2010. It is fueled with the intensions of discussing, analyzing and poetically expressing events in the lives of men and woman worldwide. Daylan vocalizes what we think, do, secretly hide and unbelievably deny when it comes to matters of the heart.

This artistry filled album is a true reflection of his vocal ability and song writing talent. Daylan responds, I love songs about emotions. Songs that express the things most people are afraid to speak-out about. Thats what created my style of R&B music.

Before Daylan decided that R&B would be his musical path, he began his journey singing in the house of the lord. At the age of 7, he sang along side his two sisters as a gospel group. By the time he was fourteen years old, he shared stages with gospel greats Gary Oliver, Myrna Summers, and Daryl Coley.

Daylan Tomas is a fresh face in the entertainment world with an interesting story to tell. You can find him performing at showcases in Pennsylvania, Washington, Maryland, and New York City exhibiting his stage performance. His singles In the Habit & "He Said She Said" is an example of true R&B music that you would find on his upcoming album.


In the Habit

Written By: Warren "Daylan Tomas" Knight

It’s 3 o’clock and you’ve been waiting patient for my call
Sorry for the worry that I always seem to cause
Not that I was creeping I just didn’t think to call
Been so in considerate
Wondering can I handle this
I know that you keep forgiving me time after time
Can you please see fit to give me one more try
I really wanna be with you
Really wanna life with you
Been so long since my last relationship

I know I should’ve called you
I’m used to being single
I wanna make a change up
I wanna be committed
I’m putting my heart in it
I wanna be official
I need to make some changes
Baby I really need your patience
I wanna be committed
I’m putting my heart in it

Not in the habit
Of calling everyday just to say hey
I’m in the habit
Of spending my late nights away
Not in the habit
Of spending late nights talking on the phone
I’m in the habit of being alone
I’m in the habit
Of clubbing getting my freak on
Not in the habit
Of spending all my weekends in the home
I’m in the habit
Of doing everything on my own
Not in the habit of being in love

I never ever expected to find some one like you
You’re truly one in a million, precious commodity
I don’t wanna see you anything but happily
Settled down with me
At times I know I can be so distant and cold to you
See I been hurt before and yes I know you been hurt too
Know I should have stayed with you instead of going out
So give me one more chance so we can work out.


In the Habit single pre-released September 2008, He Said, She Said May 2010

Set List

3 songs typical set. Sets can range from 15-45 minutes. Covers are usually R&B songs.