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Current EP:
Don't Go Without Me
Right Now
No Call



Will Cotter (Vocals, Guitar) - Will Cotter was born William Brendan Cotter on October 2nd, 1988 in Sonoma, California. Initially influenced by Celtic tones and melodic rhythms inspired by his grand parents, Bill and Noreen Cotter, Will developed an ear for rhythm and harmony at an early age. It wasn't until the 8th grade that he was overtaken by the magnificent sight of a Pearl drum set in the Al
tamira Middle School music room. Hypnotized by its beauty, Will was determined to learn how to play drums. He had found his calling the day he felt that drum set summoning him. During his years throughout high school, he had bands here and there, such as Split Sekond, Apollo Calling and Burning Broadway. All covered the basic field of the Rock genre. Starting his first taste of real music, AC/DC was the main influence on him and the majority of his band mates. As Will progressed, he started experimenting with lighter, alternative rock. He began playing more and more acoustic guitar and focusing on vocal harmonics. Though the bands he had been playing with were classic foot-tapping rock and roll, he felt he was still missing something. In 2007, Will discovered Train. He had found the sound he was looking for. He began looking for musicians who shared related interests in the alternative rock world and thus, DayLater was born.

Justin "JB" Burns (Bass) - Born September 19, 1990 to a rock star mother, Justin was infused with the musical gifts his mother possessed. The bass came all but naturally thanks to his genetic makeup. Born in Massachusetts and raised in California, Justin possesses the thick skin and resistance to cold without the accent. The most valuable resource given to him was that of respect. Any individual who takes the time to truly know and understand him realizes this truth. Having no formal training of any kind, he began playing the bass at the age of 14 but quickly gave it up in favor of sports. It wasn’t until his brother, drummer Shane Burns, bought his first drum set that he gave music another try. He began relentlessly learning to play the guitar (not the bass) without instruction or lessons. He believes music isn’t about learning songs or scale patterns. The truly great musician lies solely on the sound of his instrument and judges whether or not it sounds appropriate. He began playing guitar for his church and his skills began to develop rapidly. Several of his friends formed a band and needed a bassist. It was then that his love for the bass resurfaced. Since then, music has been a huge aspect of his life. He has played in Burning Broadway, the cantata choir, Sonoma alliance church, The Gathering, Young Life, and several other gigs and jams. When Will Cotter approached him and asked him to play Bass for DayLater, he just couldn’t say no and the rest is history.

Bryan Martinez (Guitar, Vocals) - August 16th 1991, Bryan Martinez was born into a loving family in Sonoma, California. During the young years of his life, he heavily embraced the art of music. So much so that at the age of seven, while in kinder garden, He performed A solo singing performance in his school talent show. From that moment on he knew that he longed to perform for people. During his adolescent and teenage years, he filled that void with excelling at athletics, Baseball in specific. As high school came, he saw his athletic career end and life began to take him on a journey. Bouncing around in his later teen years, he was forced to find new things to fill that void. It wasn’t long until he was reintroduced to his love of music. When he returned to Sonoma after a year hiatus in Sacramento, He became great friends with JB and Shane! When he heard that the Burns brothers had been jamming, he couldn't wait to jump in. He picked up his guitar, started learning, and to this day still hasn’t put it down. Inspired by every genre of music, he is driven to help create original and dynamic sounds for all to hear. As the front man for the local battle of the band winners Burning Broadway, he started to master the art of performing vocally. With the rest of his time he also plays guitar and sings in another band known as The Gathering. From this, came the confidence he needed to work towards his ultimate goal of turning music into a career. As Burning Broadway came to their end, he was approached by Will Cotter, (His band mate in Burning Broadway AND The Gathering), about starting a band that creates real music, with real instruments. With no hesitation, he accepted and now uses his God given talents as the Guitarist for DayLater.
Shane Burns (Drums) - "I guess if you want me to play drums I'll do it."