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Daylight For Deadeyes @ Paddy Flaherty's

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Daylight For Deadeyes @ The Hideout

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Daylight For Deadeyes @ The Hideout

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Daylight For Deadeyes

by Matt Hartwick
Entertainment Editor
January 2008

Behind the name of Daylight For Deadeyes RoadHouse Rock & Roll is what you need to know about the band.
The name almost gives you a misconception about the band. When you think of Daylight For Deadeyes you probably think of a Hardcore Metal band, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the great all round sound of Daylight For Deadeyes.

Daylight For Deadeyes consists of three members Chris Gormley on Drums and Lead Vocals, Matt Gormley on Guitar and Vocals and Andrew Neill on Bass Guitar and Vocals. The band is formed out of the GTA, for people who don’t know it is the Greater Toronto Area

I am always amazed to see and hear a band where the drummer is also the lead singer. I still can’t get over how these musicians are able to do it. I have also yet to hear the vocals sound bad when the drummer is the lead singer. Daylight for Deadeyes vocals are also a very high selling point for me when I listen to their music. Especially the fourth song “Leave”.

The Self - Titled Daylight For Deadeyes album is their debut album which has sold over 1500 albums at their live shows. The album consists of six tracks, Breakin’ My Back, This Night, Felling Low, Leave, Let You Go, Fill You Up.

As you first approach the album, and as you listen to the first song “Breakin’ My Back” you immediately get hooked into the song if not the album as the opening riff takes and makes you give the song your full attention. The sound of the riff immediately makes me think of The Rolling Stones and just a classic 70’s style rock riff. The vocals however are a lot softer and clearer than what you would hear from The Stones or a 70’s song. This song really hits home with me because working in Construction Field I’m pretty much “Breakin’ My Back Everyday” as the lyrics in the song go. This song I probably wouldn’t be far off by saying that when this song was being written, the song was a song that was going to be played at every concert and was a song that was going to grab everybody’s attention. The reason behind my thinking is at around 1:45 and for thirty or so seconds there is a nice instrumental break which then leads into the drums that have a possible audience hand clap situation.

“This Night” picks up where “Breakin’ My Back” leaves off. Just as the first song “This Night” is made for a live performance probably in around the middle of their set because of the band keeps repeating the line “Let’s make this night go on and on” throughout the song. The drums in “This Night” somewhat gives you the feeling or sense that the track may fit well as a acoustic track. The feeling that you get when you listen to the track pretty much will make you feel in a good mood. Where some songs are a “Joe Downer” type of song, “This Night” shouldn’t have a problem putting you in a good mood, a “Up and Go” kind of song. The vocals in the track follow the tempo of the song and also blends in very nicely to me with the pitch of the guitars and cymbals from the drums.

“Let You Go” follows the exact attributes that Daylight For Deadeyes has set out for themselves. As I listen to this song for some reason I cannot seem to shake the impression of the band The Proclaimers in this song. Even though I am probably the only one to think of this I just thought that I would put it out there to see if anyone else hears the band also. If I had to pick a single from the album this would be the song that would win. It is a hard choice but I believe this is the strongest song on the album. This is probably one of the few songs where I would say that the Bass Guitar has a big part in a song but in this song it does, I believe it is the main bass line and wow it is a real catchy one. The only other band that I can think of where the Bass becomes a major factor in their songs would be Led Zeppelin. The Electric Guitar in the song really brings out a New Country feeling and sound, especially when the song hit’s the three minute mark. If the same riff was played at the start of a song I am pretty sure you would be hooked into the song.

Matt Hartwick -





*First Full Length Album coming out Summer 2008*

Melodic, hard-hitting Rock & Roll, to-the-point lyrics, don't bore us - get to the chorus catchy hooks, sums up where to begin describing the band Daylight for Deadeyes.

Formed in 2003, the band from the GTA has evolved into a force with strong songs, strong musicianship, and a fine tuned attack of the senses at every live show.

Daylight For Deadeyes is a three-piece band featuring core members Chris Gormley (drums and lead vocals), Matt Gormley (guitar and vocals), and Andy Neill (bass).

The Gormley brothers started playing together at an early age, appreciating and studying the classic songs from legends like The Beatles, The Band, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC.

Always writing and re-writing, and always developing their own sound, a sound aimed at moving people to feel good, touching the hearts and souls of everyone who hears their honest music, Daylight for Deadeyes keeps pushing to reach more listeners.

Their high-energy shows draw an ever-growing following of loyal fans. They have been played on Hamilton's Y108 and have been involved in several promotional events with that station, and as of recently they have been played on The Edge's uber-popular Indie Hour. Their dedication to live shows has taken DFD across Canada and Britain several times, and recently performed a "dream" gig at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, England.

Daylight for Deadeyes started working with producer/musician Carl Jennings in 2003. The relationship proved successful, as a whole CD worth of material grew from intense writing and recording sessions using the Gormley/ Gormley / Jennings combo.

Recording and releasing their first CD (self titled) in 2004 at Westmoreland Recording Studio, Daylight for Deadeyes enjoyed immediate success - selling over 1500 CDs in no time at their live shows!

Daylight For Deadeyes has just released their first full length album this past September 2008. They've already sold hundreds of albums, been featured on numberous radio indie programs, and have begun planning tours for 2009!