Daylight Prevails

Daylight Prevails


We are a band that believes in something and we are not backing down. We represent the name of Jesus Christ we tell people what he has done for us through our music. We are not preachy we love people and want them to know the best thing there is in life. We play music that is aggressive yet inspired


Daylight Prevails started in the summer of 2007. Guitarist/Vocalist Seth Mason, Guitarist Derek Losson, Drummer Tyler Saxton, and bassist Cory Shanks got together to jam in Tyler's garage. After jamming on one riff for half an hour, Tyler's mom made them stop because she thought the neighbors would get mad. So, that was the first meeting of Daylight Prevails, humble and short- lived. After looking for a practice space, Tyler somehow came up with a key to the youth room at his church. The church gave them permission to use the youth room when there was nothing else going on. After a practice or two Seth's sister asked if they would play at her birthday party with their two original songs and a Foo Fighters cover. They showed up with their stuff and went for it. Seth invited friend of a friend, John Carver, to come by and see their newest project. John (a singer/screamer) was currently un-called for band wise. John hung out with the guys for a while. Seth got John's number and talked to him about coming to a practice. He came to practice, listened, and kind of sang along. A week or so later they were in the studio recording two songs. John came along to hang out and by the end of the day had done a couple scream parts and a chorus and was voted in to Daylight Prevails. Playing shows regularly, practicing alot, and constantly writing new music is all they do. God has truly blessed these guys with the opportunity to share his love with kids. "Kids come to the shows and find out we are a Christian band and are amazed that Christians are as hardcore as everyone else is" Says Guitarist, Singer/ Songwriter Seth Mason. "We just want kids to have music that is positive, that is their style, and be able to worship God at our shows." This band of guys can be seen praying around the drum set before every show, "Its our way of preparing to share the message of Jesus Christ and it shows kids what we are about," says Mason. So, if you want to hear good hardcore, Christian music, Listen to Daylight Prevails


Please Save Me

Written By: Seth Mason

You are matchless beauty I am filthy rags, I thought I had everyhting but you showed me what I lack. Lord I need you more than ever wont you please take me back.

Lord you have so much love, more than anyone could know, your grace is so amazing and endless is it's flow. Let my life be a sacrifice and have reckless abandoned hope.

I lay it all down, with my knees on the ground. Put your grace around me, so i'll fear no sound.
Wont you save me and lift me off the ground.

Jesus you've seen me fall and you always pick me up I seem to always let you down but you still show me your love. I don't deserve this mercy or that fact you never gave me up.

Reminding me of the past I forgot all that I was. Fighting off temptation by giving you my life, lost in your glory I found myself a cause.


Daylight Prevails Demo

Set List

All original. In order of play - Simply Put, Nobody Here, Delorean, Please Save Me, Blinded by the Truth, Undying End, My Last Day.