Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, CAN

City guys move to country. Leaving all music projects behind for the good life. Lots of peace and relaxing. Then we meet each other. Everything clicked, much to the dismay of our wives. Songs have been written. In the key of Pedro the Lion, Mineral, Weezer, The Pixies...


Nova Scotia indie band dayliner has released a cd version of their second album, aptly named "ii".

Ongoing discussion during recording led to the initial decision to release "ii" exclusively online.  It was made available in the usual places (Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, etc.), with the thought that the cd format had run its course.  Turns out, we were wrong.  

"We released our first album in 2014 and it got quite a few adds on Canadian college radio", says bassist Jai Soloy. "When we released the new album digitally, we were surprised to find that there is still an expectation at most Canadian college radio stations for a band to provide a physical copy for airplay. We were getting requests for cds at shows too. The cd is Monty Python's Black Knight of music formats."

dayliner ii was recorded, mixed, and mastered by multi-instrumentalist Caleb Miles at his home studio. ”Our first cd was a very 'kitchen sink' production.  Pretty much anything and everything we could sprinkle on top of the band with overdubs was thrown into the mix, backwards pianos, upside down baritone harmonicas, low flying tubular bells, whatever...which was exciting at the time but for this album we decided to stick a little closer to what the band sounds like live.  There are still some guitar parts and keyboards added here and there, but overall it is much more representational of what you'd hear if you came to a show.  I think the next cd will be even more so…"

dayliner ii is a ten-track, guitar-driven, indie rock album featuring catchy melodies and songwriter Derick Smith's strong, expressive vocals.

Pick up a copy from dayliner members near you, request it on your local college radio station, and visit for more info including videos and streaming music.

dayliner is:

Derick Smith: vocals, guitar

Mark Reid: guitar

Jai Soloy: bass

Caleb Miles: drums


Dayliner - Self Titled (2014)

Dayliner - ii (2016)

Set List

We have three 60 min sets of original songs with the odd cover thrown in (* denotes covers).

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