Daymes Rocket

Daymes Rocket

 Los Angeles, California, USA

All girl rock band with a modern sunset strip sound and swagger!


We are an all girl rock band from both the east coast and west coast. We have been together for a year and a half and have played the whole Sunset Strip and Las Vegas. Our fanbase is growing and every show we play the bookers always call and want us to come back because we put on a great show and the crowd loves us! Our sound is a modern rock sound that is influenced by Motley Crue, GnR, Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, Foo Fightes, and Veruca Salt.

What sets Daymes Rocket apart from other bands is that we are all girls who are great musicians with talent. All us have studied our craft and we write songs that are very catchy(the crowd can sing a long)/emotional and are not dated. We also put up on a great show!
So check us out on and come to one of our shows! You will have a lot of fun rockin out with The Daymes!


Hell Yeah(Clean Verision)

Written By: Daymes Rocket

Little boy welcome to my world
I'm very special, so special like no other girl.
I am a treat oh so sweet
I'm gonna mess you up
Tough you up
Show you that I am really mean

Hell Yeah
Sex Personified
Hell Yeah
I'm a rockstar gonna rock you tonight
Hell Yeah Na Na Na Na
Hell Yeah

Silly boy I not you typical lovin toy
but little miss inocent you think I am no no
Check it out can't you see
I gonna mess you up, tough you up
Show you what I really mean


Do you want the trick or the treat
I'm like no other your gonna meet
You better get ready get ready for me

Break down:
Hey boy we're livin on the edge tonight
I've got moves you never seen
make you want make you bleed
Give up this fight


Hell Yeah
I'm it a baby ya know it
Hell Yeah
come on now I'm gonna show it to you
Na na na
Hell Yeah


Hell Yeah-single

Set List

Hell Yeah
Superstar Hero
Party One More Time
Get You Off
Too Fast
Hey Sugar
Rock Hard
Push Me
Sweet Thang
Crazy Baby

AC/DC-Dirty Deeds
Foo Fighters-My Hero
Ozzy Osbourne
Kid Rock
Veruca Salt
Joan Jett