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Brunswick, Ohio, United States | SELF

Brunswick, Ohio, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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""This Had Better Be Good" - Album Review"

Album Review
By C.W. Ross

Once again I’m reviewing music from an Ohio band. It’s amazing to me how many bands I hear from that are located in Ohio, when it rains there it must rain musical notes that richen up the soil.

Day Method got their start in 2005 and has previously released two EP’s (Day Method EP & Business Casual EP), but This Had Better Be Good… is the band’s debut full-length release.

The band list their music as rock/ power pop, but I would classify it as more pop-punk/rock with even a few electronica elements found on several of the songs.

The ten songs found on this release are filled with big guitar and drum parts that play well against the youthful sounding lead vocals. Most of the songs have a pop-punk sound that’s reminiscent of the band Relient K, who’s also from Ohio. You’ll also find several of the songs have an element of electronica, ala a Joy Electric sound, that brings a fresh new element to them.

Also on a couple of the songs you’ll hear scream vocals that are mixed with the lead vocals. On “Candy Mountain,” they come out of nowhere in the middle of the song, much like walking into a dark room to screams of ‘happy birthday’ and a surprise party for yourself. While in the song, “Too Late, Never,” the scream vocals are used more as a backing track to the lead vocals.

The band’s song have a faith message that uses a more subtle approach, using life situations and mixing it with even some humor, to offer up their message of hope and living a full life.

Probably the best example of the band’s humor mixed with a message is found in the song, “El Burrito, La Burrita,” that laments the wonders of Mexican food. If you really think about it though the song is a perfect analogy for how Christians often look for the quick earthly solution to their problems or when trying to fill a void in their lives, only to find out that’s just what it is a temporary solution, that like Mexican food leaves you hungry again after only a short amount of time.

My favorite tracks on the release were, “Intonate,” that talks about hidden feeling and digging deeper to find the right answer. I also enjoyed, “The Pursuit of Purpose,” that offers up a nice guitar solo and talks about wasted time and getting to that point in your life when your purpose for it becomes crystal clear.

Day Method is a very youthful band that over the last couple of years have built a solid musical foundation to build upon and "This Had Better Be Good…" will help them to continue on with that building process.

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This Had Better Be Good (DEMO) (2009),
Without Letting Go (SINGLE) (2010)



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Formed in 2005, Day Method, is a teenage-fronted pop-punk, alternative, progressive electro and occasionally hardcore band. Consisting of a a very unique sound (like a cross between Relient k, Family Force 5, Day to Remember, and the Jonas Brothers), they bring three things wherever they go: Hope, Humor, and Entertainment. The redeeming messages of hope are based in our Christian faith. Yet we balance out the seriousness of our messages with a generous helping of hardcore stage moves and catchy music. Statistically speaking, you'll be entertained and surprised.

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