Day Method 2

Day Method 2

 Brunswick, Ohio, USA

Day Method is a high-energy electronic/pop-punk/rock artist like a synthesis of Family Force 5, Jonas Brothers and Breathe Carolina. We’ve had a #1 single on, played three years at the Alive Music Festival, blah blah blah just press play and be amazed (we hope).


Formed in 2005, Day Method, is a teenage-fronted pop-punk, alternative, progressive electro and occasionally hardcore band. Consisting of a a very unique sound (like a cross between Relient k, Family Force 5, Jonas Brothers, and the Breathe Carolina), they bring three things wherever they go: Hope, Humor, and Entertainment. The redeeming messages of hope are based in our Christian faith. Yet we balance out the seriousness of our messages with a generous helping of hardcore stage moves and catchy music.

What others are saying about Day Method:

"Day Method delivers optimistic and innovative messages ingeniously wrapped in an energetic ball of diverse musical styles."
- John Gorman, (former program director of 100.7 WMMS).

"There is nothing methodical about Day Method. Their melodic blends of ultra tech and electro pop styles reflect the times."
- Michael Heaton, (Cleveland Minister of Culture)

"Day Method is a young Pop-rock band from Cleveland that’s ready to break onto the national scene. Their songs have choruses with big hooks that make you want to turn the radio up when you’re stopped at the light. They’re fresh, young, energetic and earnest.”
- Tommy Wiggins, (Recording Arts Director at Tri-C and host of the Emmy winning "Words and Music" Cable TV show)

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"This Had Better Be Good" - DEMO 2009 (Discontinued)
"Beautiful" - 2011
"Nice Surprise (Single)" - 2012