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Daynez is an artist that will stand out of a crowd of many artists in the industry soley because he is from The island of The Bahamas. There is no major rap artist in hiphop at this time from The Bahamas. Daynez is primed to put his island on the map & his accent will be well liked by the females.


Born September 1990, in The Bahamas, Daynez (Deon Jourdayne Rahming) was destined to live up to his name as he was indeed born Rhyming, as his last name suggests. While in the 5th grade he was labeled "The Rapper” "as he rhymed with friends & for anyone that would lend him an ear. It was then that he discovered that he possessed a talent that could one day take him places. As his love for hip-hop grew stronger, he honed his skills while turning that love into a bond that he now knows can not be broken. He seeks to use music to inspire and motivate the young generation, with triumphant sounding beats and imaginative lyrics. His sound has often been compared to Jay-Z, TI & Lil Wayne. However, as much as Daynez appreciates being mentioned with such hip hop greats, he intends to create a name for himself & become the new voice of the youth & ultimately the new voice in hip hop. When he speaks, it is hard to determine where he is from as he posses that cool Bahamian accent. Then when you hear him rhyme, you wonder if it is the same person as his voice has lead many to wonder where exactly he is from. His sound is a mix of the Bahamas, dirty south & NYC. Unlike many that are his age, his focus is making a better life for his family & revealing a world of possibilities to them through his music. Daynez's favorite rapper is “Jay-Z, "hands down" but Eminem & Kayne West are not far from his tops. Daynez also likes Usher, Jordin Sparks & NeYo, to name a few. His future aspirations are to become well known worldwide becoming the first known hip-hop artist from The island of The Bahamas in the rap game & also to help bring positive change to hip-hop in attempt to eradicate the negativity that seems to go along with rap music. He plans to begin a movement that is based on restoring the ''art'' back into rap music. His mixtape “"Dumb Rhymin'" was released in Summer 2010 & his hit single “I ain’t stoppin'” will be available for sale on I-Tunes Fall 2010. Tune in & stay tuned!


To date, Daynez has over 150 songs. His catalog includes songs for the females and the guys as well as club songs and songs for the streets. His song "Sexy" is presently the song for Flavagirl Magazine's website. Song can be heard on

Daynez has also enjoyed having songs on The song that recently loaded to this site is Daynez's new hot song "All she really wants".

Daynez released his mixcd titled "Dumb Rhymin" in The Bahamas in the summer of 2010.