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With an array of metaphors and conceptual lyrics condensed into my poetry and music, I'm never been afraid to take it there. My agility in imparting knowledge in both my hip hop and spoken word performances has allowed me to reach audiences normally untouched by the words of a poet.


Daynomi is the beginning to a promising future in spoken word, Hip Hop and Soul Music. Noted for her realness, unparalleled depth, and way with words she captivates audiences and inspires souls as far as Japan! Residing in Charlotte N.C. at the age of 23 Daynomi has opened up for and performed with many independent artists, national artists, and spoken word artists such as Tasha Jones, Georgia Me, Taalam Acey, Queen Sheba, Gina Loring, Natalie Stewart of Floetry, poet Nikki Giovanni, Yolanda Adams, Lady B of 107.9 Philadelphia, Bluz, and many more. Her work is classically surrealist, engaging altogether Hip Hop, Soul, and literary audiences. Her agility in imparting knowledge in both her hip hop and spoken word performances has allowed her to reach audiences normally untouched by the words of a poet. Speaking with such conviction and intensity she has been able to move crowds in more then your normal venue, performing at convention centers, conferences, arenas, colleges and universities.

Daynomi continues to develop her craft and push boundaries artistically by incorporating acoustic guitars, and melodies with her poetry. She calls this type of fusion Acoustic Souletry. With an array of metaphors and conceptual lyrics condensed into her poetry and music, Daynomi has never been afraid to take it there. She is one half of the group Mokha Brown which is a New Soul/Hiphop/Poetry Group.
Daynomi is also gaining recognition by competing in slam competitions across the nation. She is also a member of the 2009 Respect The Mic Slam Team in Charlotte NC.
At the age of 24 she decided to pursue her poetry full time by leaving the comforts of Corporate America and grabbing hold of Charlotte North Carolina.

Here she was given the opportunity to sharpen her vocal and lyrical abilities by working as a background vocalist and ghost writer for several local artists. Here Daynomi developed a unique sound blending her poetry with vocals. Around Charlotte Daynomi has trail blazed her way to the stages of places such as The Wine Up, Café Ole’, Club Faces, All Stars Bar and Grill, Allure, Pj‘s Lounge, Utopia Lounge. She has also been showcased at The Poetry Convention at Café’ Beret in New Jersey, The Women’s Empowerment Convention in Charlotte NC, Opener for The Philadelphia 76er‘s game Showcase in Philadelphia, Spoken Serenity‘s 1 year Anniversary along side of Taalam Acey in Greenville N.C.. Her other solo endeavors include entertaining audiences at The Oral Fixation at The Wine Up, The Poet’s Den, In The Lyfe Safe Sex campaign all in Charlotte NC and also a featured guest at The Sandra Dance Production in Charleston SC, The Art Bar of Columbia S.C., as well as The Black Poetry Experience for The Black Poetry Café of Columbia SC and so much more. Her competitions include The Heavy Spitters at Club Faces in Charlotte, Natty Greenes Poetry Slam in Greensboro NC, Charlotte Respect Da Mic Slam, Slam Charlotte Slam Competitions, as well as Southern Fried Slam in Durham N.C., just to name a few. Daynomi has also blended her vocal style and poetry with artists such as Melody Walker, April Rayne, Jodi Blu, BeStrong The Poet and Vo Cal to bring soulful music. She even graced the pages of magazines such as Shear Beauty, Def Pen's, BBE Mens Magazine, Geechee One Magazine, Urban South, That's Fiyah XL, VBlazin and many more Artist Spotlights.

Daynomi is the founder of Souletry Entertainment (which are the creators for Souledelic Fusions), as well as the V.P. for No Question Music Group Poets. She is a mentor at The Albermarle Recreation Center For Kids In Charlotte NC, as well as a Motivational Speaker for Peer Vision Empowerment Organization for Youth of Raleigh N.C. She has been instrumental in the Women’s Empowerment Conference with Robin Shakur of Charlotte N.C. for two years
With the completion of her first solo project "Portraits Of A Poetic Mind", Daynomi’s work is poetry in motion. Sensuality oozes through her words of poetry, and as usual she expose various personal insights and truth. Daynomi's creative personal style exudes not only personally but also professionally. A Poet, a Visionary, and an Inspiration. Daynomi has a prophetic word in her mouth for such a time as this. And if you ever get the opportunity to hear her speak, your life will never be the same.

What words best describes Daynomi; ambitious, talented, creative, and free spirited. Daynomi is well on her way to saving lives two ears at a time.


Portraits of A Poetic Mind (Feb 2009)

IrRegular Flow (October 2009)

Set List

They Say Our Children Are The Future

The New KKK

Reality Check

Wake Up Call

Letter To My Unborn Son

If I die Tonight

Reflections Of A Father


The Soul Of A Street Walker

I Am Not My Mother