I am an anointed solo artist that just want to play nothing but what has planted inside of me. You will feel that in my music.


Born June 27th, 1969 in Cleveland Ohio. Being raised in the church came the musical talents. At the age of 8, my mother allowed me to play the drums during church with my cousin. At that age, I wanted to play whatever instrument
he played. I would get up early in the morning so that I could play my mother’s guitar (bass). I was afraid that she would tell me to turn it off if she was awake. After church, my cousin would show me bass runs (shouting music) on the organ. I learned all of this by the time I turned 10yrs. old. Now when I started Jr. High School, I wanted to play the trumpet because that’s what he played but God had other plans. My aunt told me to play the saxophone so; she gave me one from the pawnshop. As soon as I learned the notes on the sax, I taught myself “Amazing Grace.” My Jr. year in high school was the first time I had ever played that song at the school talent show since the age of 12. Throughout the years, God has blessed my gift in music with the ability to play a variety of instruments such as the saxophone, organ, drums, and bass guitar. I had the greatest of pleasure performing for the Bi-Centennial Celebration in Cleveland. Along with this gift, he has given me the ability to write stage plays. I give God all the glory and the praise for all that He has done for me. As of 2006, he has blessed me to be able to record my first CD entitled, “Its’ Personal”. Today I proudly serve my country in the U.S. Navy, but my career is to be a blessing to each and everyone under the sound of my gifts.


Well Done

Written By: DAYO

I want Him to say,"Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant",

Because He Love Me

Written By: DAYO

Chorus: The Lord is my strength, the strength of my life.
His word is dwelling deeply inside.
He promise to keep you, he'll never leave you, because of love...

Hook: Because He Loved me...


I have not gotten any radio play. But I do have a CD recorded entitled, "It's Personal".

Set List

I am very open to ideas. Whenever I'm playing gospel music, I let God take over. I might want to play one song, but He may say play another.