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Toronto, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Toronto, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Pop




"From Trapped In America To Trap’s Newest Star: An Inside Look At How Shah Made It In Atlanta"

"Shah has been able to combine the mainstream relatability of Drake with the powerful yet artful messages delivered by Kendrick." - Complex Magazine

"How Swamp Izzo Is Turning Toronto’s Shah Into Atlanta’s Next Superstar"

"It’s clear why so many in Atlanta believe it’s only a matter of time before Shah becomes a national household name." - Back Door Hip Hop


SXSW 2019: Best Showcase: K CAMP, SHAH, at Mohawk

"K Camp and Shah did what great Atlanta rappers always do in the face of adversity and seized the moment. K Camp’s performance helped transform the vibe of the understandably irritated audience and Shah’s performance lived up to the reputation established by the praise of industry OGs like Greg Street." - Buzzfeed

"Shah's First Magazine Cover"

Shah is an artist first, then a rapper. He just chooses to share his art through rap. Shah is also a thought-provoking realist who is determined to make his dreams reality - through hard work and positive thinking. Meet SXSW’s hottest new rap artist, “Just Text” creator - SHAH. This is the Day of Shah!” - BOLD Favor Magazine

"Sexiest parties of the Super Bowl with Atlanta’s hottest rappers"

Sexiest parties of the Super Bowl with Atlanta’s Hottest Rappers

"Atlanta’s creative communities regard Shah as next up, but he remains shrouded in mystery. In an era where major label artists pose as independents for clout and rely on gimmicks for exposure, Shah rejects label involvement and intentionally expunges his online presence. He avoids press and informs me his reason for speaking today is to express his solidarity with Colin Kaepernick. Shah was billed at several events during this Super Bowl, but his booking agent clarifies that his appearances, from charity events to Magic City to this Maxim Experience, were not official NFL events. This righteousness is honorable, though one can’t help but think that a more selfish and conventional approach would accelerate Shah’s stardom reaching that of 21 and Gunna. Later, as I creep Shah’s Instagram, I see him meeting with Gary Vee and then alongside NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes at Leigh Steinburg’s invite-only Super Bowl party: the week’s most exclusive event where outside press is forbidden and hundred million dollar contracts are first conceived." - Buzzfeed

"Ranked one of the World's Top 10 South Asian Rappers"

Ranked one of the World's Top 10 South Asian Rappers

10. Shah
Shah is a Toronto-based rapper whose music is influenced by his Indian heritage as well as Canadian multiculturalism. - Anokhi Media

"Most Buzzed About Rappers of Art Basel Miami 2018"

Named one of the most Buzzed About Rappers at Art Basel alongside Kanye, Lil Wayne, Cardi B, Young Thug, and Pharrell.

"The VIP crowd at Eden also witnessed a surprise appearance from Shah, the Toronto rapper known for collecting street art. Shah's fanbase being comprised of so many artists and tastemakers might help explain why music industry influencers have predicted that Shah will leverage his momentum to become one of 2019's breakout stars comparable to Cardi B in 2017." - Buzzfeed

"Rapper Shah Releases New Video, “Just Text”"

"Shah’s style was born in the streets of Toronto, matured in the studios of New York and LA, and enriched in the clubs of Atlanta." - All Hip Hop

"Sexiest Parties of NBA All Star Weekend with Atlanta’s Hottest Rappers"

Sexiest Parties of NBA All Star Weekend with Atlanta’s Hottest Rappers

"Again, having the relevance of a rising star like Shah in attendance helped balance out the presence of Uncle Snoop who at one point was berating the audience for not dancing yelling “F*** y’all doing with ya phones out. This generation is f***ed up.” Snoop did stay for about an hour after his DJ set to take photos with every last fan who asked, which helped create the backyard cook-out vibe that's often missing from these celebrity events. Shah was seen mingling with the crowd and signing autographs." - Buzzfeed

"Hip Hop’s Top 10 Rising Stars of 2017"

"An alluring buzz has followed Toronto’s Shah since his May 2016 debut single Rookie Card, which was embraced both by tastemakers scouting the next wave of hitmakers and also hip hop traditionalists longing for the lyrical depth embedded in his music." - Emerging Indie Bands


Poison (song released May 15, 2019)
Fuck Em Up (song released August 17, 2018)
Just Text (song released May 5, 2017 & video released May 10, 2017)
Pay Day 71 (song released September 29, 2016 & video released October 13, 2016)
Ridin Shotty With God (song released July 6, 2016 & video released July 21, 2016)
Rookie Card (song & video released May 11, 2016)
Don't Do It Mandela (song & video released May 11, 2016)



Instagram - 32.1K Followers

Spotify - 187,000 Streams

Youtube Videos - 897,000 Views

Facebook Videos - 505,000 Views

Since being described by Complex as Trap’s Newest Star, the buzz surrounding Toronto’s Shah has spread beyond Atlanta, where his career was launched by institutions like Magic City. Shah’s most powerful terrestrial growth has been in the South, beginning in Miami, where Shah was introduced by his DJ Swamp Izzo, Cash Money Records’ official DJ. In December during Art Basel, Shah was regarded as one of the most influential rappers of Miami Art Week. Shah’s southern domain also grew in Texas. A year after being described as one of 2018’s most promising independent rappers, Shah’s official SXSW debut provided one of SXSW 2019’s most memorable rap moments.  

During this Austin performance, Shah debuted his newest release Poison, recorded at the Spotify Secret Genius Studio in Atlanta. Poison showcases Shah’s most vulnerable lyricism to date, exploring how he copes with the threats he’s faced from the Trump administration since his repeated unlawful federal detainments, which is actually what first led him to Atlanta. Poison also touches on the sanctuary Atlanta provided Shah in contrast to the risk he faced when travelling throughout much of the country.

Shah is just the newest member of the guild of Atlanta rappers - which includes Gucci, Future, and Migos - to be propelled to local stardom by Magic City and regional stardom by Swamp  Izzo. Shah’s regional presence is driving his national growth in 2019, and follows the trail blazed by Atlanta rap legends. However, Shah’s movement is also expanding in a way that hasn’t previously been seen in rap: his rapidly growing fanbase in South Asia. Despite never having performed there, his growing Indian stardom marks another new 2019 development for Shah. Shah’s foreign influence can also be felt in Europe, where his first international tour will be taking place this spring.


The upcoming festivals and major showcases that Shah will be performing at this sping include: New Skool Rules in May, and MIDEM, COCA, and Northern Touch in June.   

Shah is co-starring in Ghostwriter, a new television show that is currently in development.

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