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DAY OF THE DEAD is a unique band in terms of sound, style and approach to an ever changing music industry. The sound of the band is familiar yet uncommon and is best described as a sinister hotrod version of 50’s surf, spy guitar and spaghetti western theme songs. Cool, calm, collected and tuff.




Day Of The Dead started in Perth in late 2003 and have gone from strength to strength ever since they started to play live shows in late 2004. Day Of The Dead are a three piece instrumental surf rock outfit. The band have an interesting and unique sound based around quirky yet familiar blues and spaghetti western guitar melodies mixed in with rocking and often syncopated riffs and rhythms splashed with a dirty punk rock tinge coming from double bass and drums. Day Of The Dead have carved their niche with a blistering live show, and always dressing to impress. The tunes that the band has created could quite easily sit on a Quentin Tarantino sound track.

Brief History

The band formed in 2003 at the insistence of Nick Frichot who knew both Ben and Brendan and was convinced that the two head strong characters would come up with something good if they didn’t kill each other first. After a few jams with different drummers and guitarists Luke showed up to complete the trio that has now become a strong and cohesive unit. With their first three gigs the boy’s earned runner up in the National Campus Bands Competition of 2004. From here, initially with the help of Ben’s connections, having been a member of legendary Perth band Storytime and an outstanding graphic artist, the band started to rack up an impressive list of supports.

Playing on the same stage with bands such as Motley Crew, Motorhead, Shihad, The Living End, Gomez and at such concerts as Rock-it, Main Break and Blackjack the band has always set the bar high and a professional work ethic ensures that as they leave stage the audience are never disappointed.

It was not until 2006 that the band felt ready to record their debut album. With help from a Perth musical stalwart, Dom Mariani, the band put together a self funded album called Killer Sounds From The Midnight Highway, which was released on the 19th of January 2007.

Since the release of their debut album there have been a lot positive and exciting results including the signing of a 5 year publishing deal with Influx records, which is a UK company based in Los Angeles, substantial local radio play, the use of the bands music for radio and online advertising campaigns, the distribution of 600 copies of the debut to date, first tour to the Eastern states and the recording of their second album Kill Or Be Killed which was released to critical acclaim in july 2008.

It terms of the future, Day Of The Dead want to continue to create music that can be used in the ever expanding world of multi media and advertising while still developing their live show and promoting the act in its own right.


Vampire Theme

Written By: Day of the Dead



Debut self funded album release -

This disk has had extensive play in Perth on local radio stations and 'Mr Wolf' has been played on JJJ on a number of occasions.

Album number 2:


Set List

We generally play a single set of approximately 45 minutes.
All originals and all instrumentals.