Kid Vici

Kid Vici


A blend of Pop/Rock/and R&B with a twist. Very positive music that relates to all people in all walks of life. Anyone of any age can enjoy.


Days Gone was formed by Evan Andre and Kurt Kesedar in 1998 in dorm room at Rutgers University. Since then, they have been writing and recording all of their music which is a blend of Pop/Rock and R&B. Born and raised in NJ, their music is written from all of life's experiences. Their song "Jersey" has practically become an anthem for all proud New Jersey natives. Days Gone music is a written and performed from the heart and is bound to captivate all who listen.


Days Gone (self titled)
1. You...The Reason
2. Jersey
3. Lonely Place (featuring The I.N.)
4. My Life
5. Fool's Gold
6. I Believe
7. Don't Fall Away
8. Honestly
9. Closer
10. What Would You
11. Revolution

Set List

We can change our set list depending on the gig. We like to throw in one or two covers and choose them depending on the venue.