Days Gone Past

Days Gone Past


Days Gone Past is an original, four-piece, hard rock band based out of Southern Missouri. With intense stage presents and a unique sound of music this band has seen its early years of just fun and are ready to do the music industry for a career!! While keeping the fun in it!!


Days Gone Past- By Definition (to those in the band) is when one has played all styles of music, played with several styles of musicians and has achieved the ability to mix those styles into one. For this band, at their age, has achieved the ability to incorporate all musical influences and put it into a unique sound of their own. This sound reaches back to Benny King, Metallica, Def Leppard, The Who, Night Ranger, Iron Maiden, Rush, Firehouse, Led Zeplin, the list goes on!!!! They don't do this just for the love of the music they were raised on but because that music inspired them to create music of their own. With a new twist to some older music and a style unique to their own, this band is a MUST SEE!! full of energy to take the stage, quick to set up, quick to tear down, because what they love is the time on stage for the fans. And they respect fellow bands for the love of music.


Days Gone Past has released one demo thus far. Official release date was 8-09-08. It is a four song demo with Empty, Slice and Dice, Contradiction, and Lonely Prophet. They are currently working on getting into a studio, but as all in the music field know finding the right studio is the key! Days Gone Past has done a couple local interviews with songs played on-air. The Hometown Buzz for 100.1 out of Columbia, MO and Rock Talk for 106.7 out of Springfield, MO.

Set List

Ignorance Is Bliss
Slice and Dice
Pretty Hateful Things
Hillbilly Hell
Ancient History
Stand By Me
2 Lines Short of a Story
Passageway To Nowhere
Lonely Prophet
A Wanting

The set the way it is rocks for about 60 minutes. Stand By Me is currently the only cover for this band but they are constantly jamming up something new.