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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Meet Patrick Gemkow" "Having accompanied Patrick through the rollercoaster ride that was our high school choral program, I always knew he had the ability to reach notes that are well above the average singer’s stratosphere. However, I was not aware that the now seasoned singer accompanies his voice with silky smooth guitar rifts.What strikes a chord about Patrick is the passion and conviction he conveys through his original music. While displaying the capability of covering critically acclaimed artists such as Ray Lamontagne and Jeff Buckley, the original songs Patrick played were what really captivated the audience at the show I recently attended at The Globe in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. Armed with little else but his guitar, a microphone and a beer, he had the entire well attended venue enthralled and on the edge of their seats.

“19 Year Old Junkie” is a song that I dare you to get out of your head after listening to it a few times (much like the theme from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I’ll send you a cookie if you can get that out of your head). The tune tells the true story of Patrick’s trials and tribulations as an aspiring musician in the harsh, unforgiving entertainment business and how he coped with his struggles while living in Califorinia trying to become a star. The upbeat rhythm of the song does well in keeping the audience captivated to hear Patrick sing his story and it was a perfect song to start his set with.

“Waiting” is what i would consider Patrick’s go-to song, a perfect example of his vocal and musical ability shining through his song writing. Once again, I was very impressed with the ease in which his voice was able to hit the upper reaches of his range, something that cannot be ignored when listenig to him perform.

My only complaint is that I would have liked to see Patrick complimented with a complete band to see what he is fully capable of. His musically inclined brother did take the stage with him creating a mixed voice and guitar duet for the second portion of his set. But that was just a taste of how adding parts around Patrick has the potential for a special sound. Check out Patrick’s Myspace Page to listen to a few of his tracks and to find out when and where he’ll be gracing the stage with his presence next."


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Daysleeper, the band, began to form two years ago when singer/songwriter, Patrick Gemkow, and jazz bassist, Alex Austin, started performing as an acoustic duo, including guitar and upright bass. As their repetoire and audience grew, Daysleeper was in need of a more powerful sound. After adding drummer Oliver Hunt, the band spent a short time as an all electric power trio. Presently, Daysleeper has found its unique voice by adding Brandon Thies on guitar and Evan Laflamme on saxophones.

Daysleeper's music is an organic mix of rock, country and jazz, executed with a blend of electric and acoustic sounds, which create the perfect vehicle for Gemkow's powerful compositions and superb vocals.

The world is sure to hear more from Daysleeper in the future. For now, the band continues to impress audiences and club owners at a number of venues in and around Chicago. As their popularity grows Daysleeper is sure to be an important and innovative part of the music community.