Days No Different

Days No Different


Days No Different is making music that transcends today's endless genre classifications... Days is a group that fans of everything from country to metal and hip hop to pop have been waiting for: A rock band pushing styles and leaving you dancing, singing along, and wanting more.


Days No Different is a young group that formed to exceed expectations, live their ambitions, and take the stage where bands like Incubus, Aerosmith, Collective Soul, Nickelback, Matchbox Twenty, and The Police left off.

'Days' started as an acoustic trio packing coffee houses in their hometown of Reno, NV. Unsatisfied and hungry, they evolved into an energetic and accomplished five-piece powerhouse with rows of girls fronting crowds of fans that dance and fill everywhere they play.

Days No Different has already had their hit song 'Some Days' placed in regular rotation on the local rock station. Along with that single, other popular tracks have also played on college radio. Each new song is another potential hit, and offers relief for an ailing rock and roll culture.

The band is inspired by John Gray's passion, and completed by Brian James' experience, Danny Johnson's creativity, Matt Andrew's energy, and Jeff DePaoli's wisdom. Days No Different is set to surprise all those who think popular music is boring, shallow, and has nothing left to offer.

Days has competed in heavy-music competitions on the road that were decided by the audience, and still won. They have played billionaire Christmas parties, fraternity get-togethers, charity showcases, and shared the stage with many national acts. While touring, the boys have tested their gas gauge in the middle of the desert while passing perfectly accessible gas stations (just to see if they could do it). They enjoyed the company of hitchhikers. They impressed first-time audiences. All while supporting their first four song EP. Which has sold-out and been pressed four times.

With all of this behind them and the world in front of them they are set to release their first full-length album in June and hit the road to support their music, meet new friends, and leave new fans wanting more.


Self Title EP: 4 tracks. Single "Some Days" placed in regular rotation on 104.5 KDOT. All tracks played 1700AM Wolf Pack Radio.

Full Length "Surrender the Mystery" on sale now.
KRZQ supported CD release party.
"Somedays" placed in regular rotation on KRZQ.

Set List

Set times depend on time slot and Venue. Can play between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Either acoustic or Electric sets.

This is a typical headlining set list. It can be shorter or longer. ( all songs are HITS!!!!!!!... seriously)
1. Attention (medium tempo/ high energy)
2. Novia Peligrosa (medium reggae groove with fast, high energy ending)
3. Lockdown (straight up rocker)
4. 8-5 Walls (fast high energy, and in your face!)
5. Take Me (slower and emotional)
6. Go Back (medium groove sentimental)
7. Fast Forward (contemporary rock)
8. Some Days (the radio hit)
9. *Unbelievable (EMF cover)
10. Vulnerable (high energy dance)
11. Could Be (up tempo, high energy closer)
12. Snowflake in the summer (acoustic and piano ballad)
13. Moves (medium groove sexy rocker)

More songs being written by the week.