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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Days of Rae | “Quiet Profanity”"

As someone who can turn his nose up at “catchy hooks” I have to admit I am quite impressed by new local minstrels Days of Rae. Their Quiet Profanity release had me thinking of Mazzy Star, which I can totally appreciate. But that’s not to pigeonhole them — they stand firmly on their own feet here.

My hat goes off to these people, who in only a year have made very thorough rounds of the Twin Cities, getting their feet dirty at all kinds of local stages. Lead singer Cherie Rae Cobbs’ voice cuts through the air like a good steel cuts fancy hard cheese. Any local venue should be delighted to be graced with such high caliber musician-ship.

Catch their next show at Jo Jo’s Rise & Wine Cafe on February 20th, or the following week at the Hexagon Bar on February 25th. - Lunch of Champions

"The Gilded Road - Featured Performance on MN Puplic Radio"

Featured Performance:

Each day we'll feature one hand selected song on this page. MPR's Nikki Tundel chose this one, The Gilded Road by Days of Rae. She describes the song in one word -- "rich." The lyrics are smooth, with nice lines like "between dream and memory." Plus, Nikki found herself tapping her toes and making guitar-playing hand gestures while listening to it.

"Nice job. Really beautiful singing. And lyrically it all flowed nicely." - 89.3fm's Sanden Totten

"Lilting is not only a word, but a GREAT one for this song.
You did a really good job of taking Levy's words and mirroring the style - very seamless and well matched with the sound. Nice, nice work. " - 89.3fm's Julia Schrenkler

- MPR's 89.3fm The Current


Quiet Profanity EP - Jan 2010
Naked Mache' - Jan 2011 (planned)



Days of Rae began humbly as a husband and wife learning how to play instruments and craft song together. While music had been a shared passion of theirs since the beginning, it wasn’t until they learned those first chords and scales that they truly unlocked their creativity.

Their first songs were simple in arrangement however they had a richness in melody and content that elevated them from the average beginner basement tinkering to songs that possessed a real and intimate appeal. Featuring Cherie’s incredible talent for writing dynamic and inventive melody, Shon’s unique approach to melodic bass and both of their love of the written word, these songs set the tone for a style that has come to define their music.

They took their first step out of the basement and into the local music scene in 2008. Prompted by a local radio station songwriting project (89.3 The Current’s ‘Songs from Scratch’) where musicians were encouraged to write a song based around a given theme and one set of prose, and wanting to take the project head on; they enlisted the help of their musician friends Clint Trotter and Ryan Pula to help fill out and record their entry. The result of this was their song ‘The Gilded Road’ which not only caught the ear of the station’s staff, who picked the song as one of only a couple listener entries to showcase online and live on air, but it also was the song that launched the ‘band’ Days of Rae.

Cemented as a full four piece now (Cherie on Acoustic/vocals, Shon on Bass, Ryan on lead guitar and Clint on drums), Days of Rae forged a unique brand of rock, highlighted by Cherie’s velvety warm vocals, dynamic melodies and thoughtful lyrics underscored by Shon’s melodic bass groove, Clint’s driving crisp creative beats and Ryan’s soaring guitar riffs.

They pulled together a set of song and took full entry into the scene in January of 2009 with their first live show. They maintained a very active schedule, playing an average of 2 shows a month and hitting nearly all of the best venues in the Twin Cities scene. During this time they also began recording of these songs with Ryan at his studio in the Twin Cities. They later released these songs as their first EP titled ‘Quiet Profanity’.

In the summer of 2009, Ryan left the band to concentrate on his own writing and Days of Rae was tasked with finding a replacement that would help to build upon the solid foundation that was now formed. They also wanted to take this change as an opportunity to refine their sound. DOR sought to reincorporate some of the intimacy of their early first works as well as branch out musically by expanding their instrumentation and live show. They did just that with the addition of the young and incredibly talented Ian Carleton.

Transferring the lead focus from guitar to keys as well as adding in inventive instrumentation into their songwriting and live set while maintaining the core beat, melody and warmth that was previously established; Days of Rae was able to really define and cast their style as one that is all their own.

They have made an impressive stamp on the scene in their short amount of time as part of it. They have garnered radio airplay, including live in studio performances. They have played live on network television. They have performed in venues from the most intimate of cafés to large gorgeous theaters. They have performed with an ever expanding list of talented artists from all over the country.

With a new set of song, DOR hit the studio once again in the summer of 2010 to record their first full length album. Ryan Pula again joined the team, this time taking an engineer/co-producer role as he helped them capture their new sound. Mixed and mastered by Twin Cities music scene veteran Darren Jackson, their new album is set to be released in early 2011.

Days of Rae is a myriad of sound. The band blends dynamic melodies with inventive instrumentation, catchy hooks and thoughtful lyrics to create a sound that is rooted in folk rock with both pop and indie sensibilities infused within.

Their live show is energetic and engaging. Cited for their captivating presence and chemistry, DOR always delivers a set that is as unique and diverse as their craft of song.

Days of Rae is led by Cherie Rae Cobbs on vocals and guitar. Joining her is her husband Shon Cobbs on bass, backing vocals and supporting instrumentation, Ian Carleton on keys, backing vocals and supporting instrumentation and Clint Trotter on percussion and backing vocals.

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