Days of Rage

Days of Rage


Days of Rage is hard and fast politically driven music in the the vain of Rise Against and Thrice. Their songs are filled with hooks and gang vocals that urge audience participation, pounding drumbeats, and blazing guitars.


The story behind Days of Rage begins in the summer of 2001, when the Long Island based four piece, S.A.D. returned from their first cross country tour. S.A.D. had been a staple in the Long Island scene for half a decade and had done support for many notable acts, such as, AFI, The Ataris, Glassjaw, and the Suicide Machines (to name a few). S.A.D. played a brand of fast, aggressive, melodically driven political hardcore, and upon returning home to NY and seeing the events of 9/11 unfold, the band was fraught with uncertainty as to whether a political hardcore act could still be viable. Combined with heavy debts incurred from touring and strained interpersonal relations, the band played one final show, which Taking Back Sunday opened up for them at and soon disintegrated.
Ryan Poelker went on to form Anterrabae (Triple Crown Records) and Rick went on to build General studios in Douglaston, NY (Bayside, Kill Your Idols, etc.). Austin Leff went on to become assistant engineer at VuDu studios (As Tall As Lions, Hopesfall, etc) in Freeport, NY. Ken Belkin embarked on a prelaw/political science major at Hunter College in New York City and became active in political organizing. Steve, Austin, and Ken reconnected and began working on demos in 2005 at Vudu late at night during offhours. The band had soon compiled nearly a full album’s worth of material. After finding a bassist to round out the band they began playing shows in the local scene under the name Resistance. Resistance played about a dozen shows, some of which supporting The Casualties and Tsunami Bomb, before their new found bassist departed and they were forced to change their name.
At this point the three core members were fed up with rotating members and decided to give it a go as a three piece. A few shows were played, but none of them successful, and the band had come to the realization that Ken could not be constrained by a mic stand. A bulletin was posted on myspace in hopes of finding a bassist and Matt Edwards responded. After one audition it was clear Matt was to be a part of Days of Rage. His playing was tight and aggressive and his backup vocals added a new depth to the band.
Days of Rage played their first show at CBGB’s on September 11th 2006 and began playing an average of four-eight shows a month after that. Days of Rage began to catch the attention of the local scene and soon after their first show were playing support for the Living End and Deathcycle (ex Kill Your Idols). Days of Rage just finished recording their debut album which they plan to be the flagship release for their independent label, the Guerrilla Network. Produced by George Fullan (Taking Back Sunday, Kill Your Idols, Cindy Lauper) the album continues a tradition of fast aggressive political hardcore that is as catchy as it is intense. The album, "No Delay" will be available through iTunes this fall in North American, European, and Japanese. The band will be touring to support the release beginning with an east coast tour this fall.


Days of Rage "One Shot Demo" 2006
Days of Rage "No Delay" [EP Out 11.11]

Set List

How to incite a riot
Incendiary Device
Pat Robertson Can Eat Shit
Boxed Wine & Chemical Burns
Cappa Says..

Set length 20 minutes