Days On Edge

Days On Edge


We are a prolific, fire driven unit with the energy to entertain and deliver. Songwritting and creating constantly, we are always trying to do better and go farther. We aspire to be , and will do what ever it takes to reach out and touch the world.


Our story is that we believe in chemistry and karma.What we do and say will come back , so we leave a good impression on everyone. Our influences are musicians with heart and soul... Velvet Revolver, Led Zep, Foo Fighters, STP, GnR.


We have completed an EP called Hard To Live, which is available on our web site,

Set List

Our set list is 10-14 songs long, we start the show off with I MISS U and run staight into a song called PRETEND. MARY follows after a breif chat which leads into our crowd pleaser WHO CARES. SURROUND ME then the title track HARD TO LIVE which goes over very well. Then we settle into FADE and SHE IS . At this time I like to introduce the new songs we have written to give them a listen, BEST OF ME, NEW LIFE, CANT CHANGE, before to take it home for the show to sink in.