Days Unknown

Days Unknown


A thunderous, complex aural experience ... a combination of driven beats, rattling low-end, lightning-fast leads, and emotional, heart-felt lyrics comes together as Days Unknown...


Born in a basement, where two cousins, Paul and Mike Jacques, and a best friend, Alex Li, learned and perfected their craft while playing the songs of their favorite hard rock bands. A fateful roommate pairing in college brought Seneca (bass) into the fold ... and the music became complete when Matt (vocals) found and joined "the last band I'll ever be in..."

With a wide range of influences, from Metallica to Tool, David Bowie to Pearl Jam, Steve Morse to Mike Portnoy, Days Unknown pushes the envelope, where complex rhythms and low-end, elaborate leads, and emotional vocals combine to express the collective energy of Days Unknown.



Written By: Matt

what do I have left to say to you?
One more slow sad song to sing
And I don't know what else to do, its over
I'll just move on again and again

Now my head hangs in denial
And im running out of time
I lost myself now in your smile
And the fault is only mine

I stare across into your eyes, I can see
A reflection of me and you
But your picture is starting to fade to grey
Whatever happened to you


don't tell me how I should feel
I just want to be there with you

(chorus out)

Right From Wrong

Written By: Matt

our love is dying
at least im trying
to save the feeling
and stop the bleeding in me
but you'll recover
and i will suffer
for everything

but you're killing yourself
to me
is it painful when you think of me?
cause i felt dead...when your love left
cause who knows just where your head was at
and im calling... as you're falling
to the bottom right where you belong
and i needed... to believe in
someone else cause i know right from wrong

we should never
have been together
its always something
and ive got nothing to lose
but you're a fighter
and im a liar who never wins


now you live with
you're decision
its so unclear
why i still care

but you can see me
and you dont help me
you know i want this
but i hate this

now i wish you'd just go away

chorus out


Self-Titled EP - December 2005

Both "Denial" and "Right From Wrong" have received local radio airplay, including a 30-minute special hosted by Days Unknown on 95.5 WBRU.

Set List

We have a 60-70 minute set now, and are putting the final touches on three more songs.

Full Set:
Hard to Breathe
Walking Away
Closure - Matt & Paul acoustic
Nothing Lasts Forever
Walking Away
Right From Wrong