Daytime Volume
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Daytime Volume

Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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The best kept secret in music


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The Day We Transposed (2007 Expunged Records)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The origins of Daytime Volume as told by Jared Myers:

Five out of seven days a week I wake up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. I drink a cup of coffee and try to form my unfortunately nappy head of hair into something slightly presentable. I leave my home around 6:30 a.m. and drive through a small, dingy Midwestern city lined in factories. Some of the factories are flourishing and wealthy, others are broken down and abandoned. Eventually I drive far enough that these buildings completely disappear. They're replaced with green farmland protected by tacky white plastic fencing. Soon I arrive in another small town, with yet another set of buildings and factories. I park my car in the muddy parking lot of one of these buildings and walk inside. Beyond the doors there are a dozen or so people getting ready to swap their names for a six-digit employee number. I would like to think these people are not like me at all, yet the truth is they're probably more like me than I could ever imagine. After all, they breathe the same dusty factory air that I breathe. All of us avoiding too much human connection, we only exist as friends behind these doors. I take my place in a shadowy corner, semi-isolated behind a small wooden table. Before I know it machines begin coughing and clanging. Random alarms ring, and there is a constant hum of electricity in the hazy air. My own machine is the rhythm section of this already well-orchestrated soundscape. I listened to these sounds for months before I realized I could use this as a palette for my own writing—countless hours to wonder in my own sub-consciousness, turning this monotonous punishment into my own muse. Eventually this became the Daytime Volume—a way to tell the stories of my friends and family.

Jared Myers had been writing songs for years–but all in or under the shadows of whatever band he happened to be playing with at that given time. He contributed, but a certain number of songs had a different kind of meaning to him with a voice that was uniquely his. He saw them fitting somewhere else with other songs in a
different environment. He kept writing and starting taking his initial bundle of songs to Matthew Morgan to see what they could do with them. The initial plan of attack was to display the songs in the familiar form—albeit a well-dressed representation—of a singer/songwriter acoustic-based album. Roughly half way through the process something went off in both of their heads. A realization that these songs were more exceptional and more complex, thus deserving of a more mature and uncharted providence.

After they were aware of what the songs called for, the long process of recording the record was restarted. Songs were transposed, parts were re-written and musicians were called back to the studio to see what they could add. Initially there was a collage of musicians splattered all over the record, but with the parts being re-written, it came down to a core group of the musical collective, all of whom were fortunate enough to tap into the character that Daytime Volume was becoming. It was around this time where the key players had left the Midwest for California and Oregon. The power of these songs kept everyone interested and productive when it could've easily fallen aside with complacency due to the sheer fact of distance, as well as the fact that it wasn't really a 'band.' That being said, the record was finally finished after countless hours of critical listening, multiple flights from here to there, and a self-less effort by all to create the most unyielding record within their power. Daytime Volume is a testament to a like-minded collective of individuals recognizing the innate beauty in Jared Myers' songwriting—a character that compelled the group to make a timeless record fitting for timeless songs.