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Fight Sourdough EP 2006
Live @ The Rave 2007
Live @ The Geneva Theater 2009



Day To Day originated in a small town, Burlington, Wisconsin, located in the Southeastern part of the state. The original idea to start a band began with the musically orientated minds and talents of Nick Wright and Taylor Jarocki in 2002. Nick started with the bass, but decided his heart was with the drums. Taylor completed the duo with his addition on guitar. Although, only a two piece, due to their determination and rapid acceleration of one another’s musical abilities, they fit together, creating a couple of extraordinarily compatible artists.

A few years later, in 2003, the structure of the band became more complete with the addition of rhythm guitarist, Josh Twardosz, and bassist, Billy Caufield. The name Day To Day was instated with this original line-up. A bit of recording was done for the first time in the basement of Nick’s house.

In the Fall of 2006, Billy was accepted at the University of Wisconsin Madison, which he currently attends. He had to leave the band to begin his journey towards his career to become a surgeon.

The need for a new bassist was crucial for the continuation of the band. With a background in various instruments, Noah Snyder was introduced to the band. As a former guitarist, Noah picked up the bass with ease, from what it seemed by the eyes of his fellow musicians. His talent was apparent, and with much potential for musical contribution to the band, he was undoubtedly essential for the growth.

Shortly after Noah joined the band, due to musical differences, Josh parted ways with Day To Day. Conveniently, foreign exchange student from Japan, Ryu Shimizu, was a seasoned guitar player. A bit more recording was done in a studio room at Burlington High School’s radio station, 89.1 WBSD. For the remainder of his stay in America, Ryu was Day To Day’s rhythm guitarist.

Being a friend of the band, and frequent at practices and shows, Sid Temple was the next best thing for Day To Day, as a guitarist himself. Being the new rhythm guitarist, Sid brought a new feel to the band’s already unique style of music.

Almost abruptly, Nathan Soeth was ushered into the realm of this up and coming group of musicians. Having a bit of knowledge playing the piano, and a mindset containing rhythm, Nathan picked up the keyboard, bongos, and congas almost instantly. Opening up many new options for the band, and adding some “spice” to previously made songs, his addition to the band was fast, but without a doubt, a great decision. Within a month of Nathan’s joining the band, Day To Day hit the studio and began recording their first professional demo at Renwood Messenger Studios in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Since then, the band has produced numerous amounts of new material, played shows in and around the area, spanning from The Rave in Milwaukee to a small-scale music festival in Janesville, WI.

With lead guitarist, Taylor, attending college at UWMilwaukee, and drummer, Nick, preparing for his journey to the same college, the band is facing new challenges as they mature in their music.

Day To Day is beginning to incorporate their latest influences into their music. With a latin, jazz, and atmospheric new feel, their music is becoming more diverse, aggressive, and distictive than ever before.

New frustrations and obstacles are ahead for the band, but with high hopes and ambitions, success is imminent. The current line-up is very strong, talented, and ready to approach their new horizons.