Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN
BandRockClassic Rock

DayTrip is a four-piece Rock 'n' Roll band with heavy riffs and melodic rhythms. With one album under our belts we've been working on new songs and have begun planning shows for the spring and summer months. With our loyal fan base and energetic live show, we're showing no signs of slowing down!


DayTrip is a four-piece rock n roll band formed in Regina, SK., with a focus on good tunes and great times. In our three years together, we have played gigs in living rooms, garages, fields, bars, and other music venues in and around the Regina area. An increasing repertoire of original tracks has allowed us to record our debut album “Home is Where you Make it” and our CD Release was an overwhelming success. With influences that range from Clutch, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2 and classic rock in general, each of our songs are easily distinguishable. We're four friends that love playing music and are grateful every time we hit the stage to showcase our hard work. We're currently working on writing new songs that will be on our follow up album, as well as, booking shows for the spring and summer months. Stay tuned!


"Home Is Where You Make It" - LP released in 2012.

"Mrs.Sippi" - Single, Radio play on 104.9 The Wolf, Regina, SK.

"I'm on a High" - Single, Radio play on 104.9 The Wolf, Regina, SK.

"Super Hero" - Played on 93.1 CJTR, Regina, SK.