Berlin, Berlin, DEU
BandWorldClassic Rock

His artistic creations stand for the synthesis of tradition and
avantgarde. JOAQUIN uses his extensive experience and education in contemporary dance, ballet, theatre and song, merging those with the centuries-old tradition of SanterĂ­a shamanism and Cuban theatre.


The music of Dazaa Dazaa & the Springwater is rooted in the early 60's and 70's rock music, affected by Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and by the Reggae of Peter Tosh or Bob Marley.

Dazaa Dazaa connects Rock, Reggae and Blues with traditional Nigerian Igbo-Elements and ingeniously merges all together.
The playful virtuosity of the individual musicians makes the songs come to live - expanded instrumental-parts with large tension sheets.
There is no place for computer-generated hits between clear structured guitar hooks and wild improvisations. These genuine songs are full of joy, freedom and love for Rock and Groove - they cannot be pressed in rules of contemporary Popmusic.




Come to come to me

You are my first love
You are my first life

Any time l saw you l remember my first love

Any time l saw you l remember my first life - 2t

The first time l saw you, l could not forget you
The first time l saw you, l could realize you



Choba onye gabu oyi m - 3t
choba onye gabu

Afu gom oyi m - 3t
Nwa nne tie m obi

Nne nee nwa, Nna nee nwa
Nwanne nee nwa, nwanna nee nwa

Nkobulu gi akuko uwa m - 3t
Nwa nne gbata tie mu obi

Afu gom nke m -3t
Gbata tie m obi




We are going now to the root of Africa
The Naked Man gat nothing to hide
Naked Man gat nothing to hide - chorus

And here we come with the Naked Man who gat nothing to hide

The business man hate hornesty
Our emancipetion is delayed
The delayed is prolonged
Who take away the candle
Take away the life
No method in their madness
No eternity in this physical planet
Day light pen-robbry becomes midnght arm-robbry

l made a free ride into the world of sexual pleasure
And become overloaded with guilties l don,t know
Reason has taken winds and flown
Shade more tires if you have them now
Telephone streath to God in heaven,l pray he correct the strategies
Holden a confused ma like me

Rastaman gat a blue face he want to repaint now -



Oliogu -10t
Oliogu futaba -2t
Oliogu futaba onye na-enwero ego oru na-eme ya
Oliogu futaba onye na-enweghi nwa aru na-eme ya
Oligou futaba onye an-eburu dike n,isi Udene ana eru
Oligou futaba futaba futaba


Enwi kowa ana adu nro 2t
Nnam Jagwo gu kowa ana adu nro - ajana Uvume biaa o
Nnem Ezinne gu kowa ana adu nro - ajana Awlaw biaa o
Isiohia nwa Obieri gu kowa ana adu nro - agwu umuidikemba biaa o
Emmanuel nwa Okechukwu kowa ana adu nro -isigwueze umueze biaa o

Chorus --

Okwa ndu ihem n,eme n,adu uto kam na-akpo
Ochiagha nu Uvume gu bianu o
Ezeugo gu bianu o
Onwa netiri ora gu bianu o
Omeokachie gu bianu o
Akpoigiriogu gu bianu o
Dingba o

Ezenwanyi Uvume gu bianu o
Ezenwanyi lnyi gu bianu o
Ezenwanyi Awlaw gu bianu o
Ezenwanyi Akwugoeze gu bianu o
Ezenwanyi Achi gu bianu o
Mmamu oke-mmiri gu bianu o

Chorus --



Tell me that l'm as long as l live 2t --


The brave warrior fighting for peace undecorated
The good teacher showing light unrewarded

Reason has taken wings and flown
Shade more tears if you have them now

-- reframe

-- repeat --



Abele abele oo -2t
Ogodu m akachaa oo -2t --

Na nwanyi na akoro di ya na ogodu akaa
Di ya ekwe egotere ya o
Ogodu mu akacha o
Ogodu mu akacha o

Kpowa Nduka Aniama o
Nduka Aniama na-aro emekwee o
Ogodu mu akacha o
Ogodu mu akacha o

inuru kaikai,inuru kaikai
inuru bomvita


Chorus --

Onye ogodu ya karanka
Nwanne guwanu abele o
Iguwanu abele o
Ikpowa Dazaa nwa Aniama o
Ikpowa Dazaa nwa Aniama o
Oguwara gu abele o,oguwara gu abele o,oguwara gu abele o
Eeeee ooooo eeeee ooooo
Ooooo ooooo oooooooooo




Now that you are here
l will cry no more -4t

l can see you
l can feel you
l can kiss you
Now you are here -4t




Throw me out, l will never be thrown out again -4t

l wana tell you a stroy what happen to me and l know
It happen too to you, how the women are taking men
just like cloth,brought in today, throw out tomorrow

When l here the first time
After my show
A woman come to me and said
Dazaa you look so fine
l have goste-pimple when l watch you and you band
No man has been to me the way you are
Come on man - l'm in love
she took me home
Gave me food
Gave me Love
And gave me hope
Six days after she woke me up in the morning and said
Dazaa l wana marry you -- l said what !
You wana marry - she said yes
And l said/told her that l my country
That men marry the women and not the women marry the men
But l gono respect your culture
l have to call my father and told him - she said what !
l wana marry you and not your father
Now you got me upset
Pack your things not go
And if you don't go before 10 clock
l call police for you - l said what - police !
lts too cold, its too cold
She said go go (it was in hard winter time)
She throw me out, she throw me out eeeh
(l cried within my heart with big pain)

Then l said
Where is the love when you love me and throw me out
Where is the love when you fuck me and throw me out
Where is the love when throw me out in the cold
Where is the love when you call police for me
Eee yeeeeeeheheeee (Then l cried out with my eyes full of tears)

Like the lion in the jungle,l stood on my feet
Then one mans food become another mans delicious food
l,m on my own today with love one,good once
l wana talk to the men and also the women
When you are thrown out - pick it up
My friend Sunny,Stephen and Bernie was thrown out
May be Markus and Jeff but l don't pray that

Throw me out,l will never be thrown out again
Fun to end --



Hee! here i,m,how are you
Hee! do you hear, what the TV and Radio is talking today
Hee! can you see the faces of our people today
Hee! how do you feel, the way things are going today

We are one --Chorus

If you are coming from Africa,brother smile good for we are one
If you are coming fom Europe, brothers think right for we are one
If you are coming from Asia, brothers think twice for we are one
If you are coming from America, Australia brothers think right heee l said
Eeeeee we are one

We are one mama and one papa l'm sure of this
We are one brother and one sisther so l was told
One God, one earth,one sky,one land, one everything
Eeeee we are one

If you are coming from Africa, brother smile good for we are one
If you are coming fom Europe, brothers smile well for we are one
If you are coming from Asia, brothers smile good for we are one
If you are coming from America, Australia brothers smile good heee l said
Eeeeee we are one

-- repeat --



Oga m oga mmadu -2t Chorus

Oga abana train o
Oga abana gwongworo o
Na gwomgworo ga emeru gu ahu o
Biko soro pleasure
Ugbo nwere agba
Gi eburu gi naa o
Eee oga m'igbio m inaa -3t

iyoo iyooo iyoooo o -2t (reframe)

Ajuju m juru Enugwuabo o
Ajuru m juru lnyinese o
Ajuju m juru Ufuma
Onye akpughi ara
Ona gakwanu di
Eee oga m igwu m inaa -3t



Ajuju m juru Awlaw n'ato o
Ajuju m juru umunwanyi o
Ajuju m juru umunwoke
Onye agbawa dimkpa
Onanukwanu nwanyi
Eee oga m igbio m inaa

--repeat --


We Are One
out 06/2011

Set List

The band performs up to 2 Hours. The performance consists of good Rock and Traditional Igbo-Nigerian Songs, which are mainly presented in a new style, using terms of Rock, Reggae, Blues. But also own-written songs, which will make the audience dance, are played.

Also, DAZAA DAZAA can be booked as Solo-Artist, as he sings and dances rare Igbo-Nigerian Traditionals, whose knowledge he gained from his grandfather. As these tradionals are over a thousand years old and nearly forgotten, DAZAA DAZAA wants to share them to lots of people, hence, to make them popular.

With his healing spirit and jolly energy his performance is also adequate to shows for children, as he shows him dances and teaches them songs.