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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Diary of a Rock Goddess"

istening to this punk-pop band managed what my raspberry kamikaze didn’t a few nights ago – they had me bouncing around my room as the stereo played, with something that strangely resembled a smile on my face. DAZE is a New York based band that I am very newly familiar with; I haven’t even seen them live yet. What’s interesting about DAZE is how they hold true to the sound of a genre but in a way that gives it an entirely new feel. The grand majority of punk-pop that I listen to is bitter, about unrequited love and relationships gone badly. I’m a sucker for that sort of stuff, so it’s not as infuriating as one would expect – but that this band embraces entirely different subject matter in their lyrics is more refreshing than I can say. This band’s song lyrics are very sexually based – a random choice of lyrics from the title track “Fresh Red”, will reflect that:

“The naughty playground that you throw on me, body’s bedtime chat
Your crescent moonshine backline jumps on me, I love the attack
Niagara syndrome the wet sheet kiss
Intense addiction to the sacred O, sacred O”
It happens to be that in life, the weaknesses caused by a person’s desires and sensuality is one of the great equalizers. This band uses that truth to create lyrics that are smart and catchy – and backs it up with some awesome guitar riffs. While the production of the CD is a little rougher-sounding than I like, on some level it contributes to the raw attraction the band permeates. I plan to check DAZE out at Continental in NYC on Wednesday, January 28 – I’ll report back on how their studio sound translates to a live setting after that.
- Culturedose.net


Fresh Red-Naughty Brains Innovations (2003)


Feeling a bit camera shy


DAZE formed in the summer of 2002 by founding members Jem Solomon and Boris Pelekh. Within a few months they were off to the NYC club scene performing at venues such as The Elbow Room, CBGB’s, Downtime, among others. Their music combines powerful driving guitar riffs with lush vocal melodies and harmonies capped of with a fresh rhythmical concept supplied by drummer Warren Johnson. Their lyrics are unique in that they explore unorthodox phrasing and original sentence structure, yet the content remains true to rock n’ roll-Sex and alcohol-Yeah. They plan to record and release an album by spring of 2003 and tour extensively throughout The United States and Europe the following summer.