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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Mag (UK)"

To be honest I think Daze are very different from any other band that I've heard in the whole 20 years of my life.

A small band, all the way from Zurich in Switzerland, have proved that they are not just about the small time, as the impact this EP will have on its audience is incredible, and yes their influences do shine through such as The Sex Pistols and The Beatles.

There is definitely true musicianship amongst the band Daze and 'Slow Down To Speed Up' has consequently got very strong potential attached to it. I recommend picking up this CD not least for the great rhythmic riffing, but the absolutely stunning vocals. - Kimberley Lewis

"Minerva Grunge Site (P)"

All I can say is that they rock! At the end of the album i became suprise to see a Dave Grohl cover of his past solo project "Late! Pocketwatch" from 1992, suprise because i never see a band playing this songs, maybe because few people know it. So it reveals that Daze have a good music culture background! In conclusion i think that this album works very well for those who like mix of grunge and punk sounds. Mathis Eigensatz, Moritz Eisensatz and Peter Baracchi should be congratulate to make an album like this... and is not suprise, everyone know "Summerrain" (one of my favourite tracks of the moment) so you know what i am talking about... - Beewax

"Exit Music (CH)"

Daze are the only ones who were able to release an album with the singular intimateness, sadness as well as hopelesness of Nirvana's...

... all I can do is saying thank you, congratulating handvibrating and deeply bowing result in of this amazing band. - Philippe Gautschi

"Puuda Maggui (US)"

Daze has so far been a difficult band to describe. At first I didn't know why, but then all of a sudden it hit me. Daze is able to pull off what few bands nowadays are able to or even try anymore. Their sound is very reminiscant of the early days of punk which included The Ramones and such. Yet, they are also able to bring back the sound from the Rock Enlightenment days that the Beatles brought.

The first thing I thought of when I heard the song Mr. Brown, "Beatles". Yet, the first thing that came to mind when I was listening to Braincomplain was "Scooby-Doo chase montage" (Probably due to the fact that the show played current popular music sometimes). Anyways, staying on topic now, usually if you want to get this "genre" of music you go to one of those festivals with all the old smelly hippies or a crappy Myspace band. If the bands of today can get away with selling their "music" I know that Daze has the potential to peak the charts with their unique and always classic rock sound. Look out for their new indie album coming out in the U.S. and Switzerland this March, or if you're lazy, just get it from their site when it comes out.
- Freelanced


Slow down to Speed up - 2007
Silhouette - 2004



It all started years ago, when I and my brother Moritz grew up, listening to our parents collection of LP's. Our favourites were the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. We acquired kind of an understanding of melodies and structures, cause we grew up with them, listening to music without expectations and pretensions, just as a child does. Later, we dug punkbands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols, the Clash, classical Punkrock. We used to love the three chord-rule!

There's a huge repertoire, lots of ideas which we banned on tape. While listening to them for a thousand times, we started to upgrade and enlarge our sound. Actually three members of Daze are writing songs, which guarantees a variety of different tastes, different musical chambres. It's fun to grow musically. It's interesting to watch the changes! Since ten years we go our way and we'll go it, till everyone heard our music and the opinions inside.

Our doggedness brought us on the road in Switzerland, Germany and even the USA.

It's the only thing, the work we love to do.


"The Swiss may have been neutral until now, but watch out: Daze is invading North America, and they’re coming for your rock’n’roll soul."
Miami New Times

"I think Daze are very different from any other band that I've heard in the whole 20 years of my life."
The Mag (UK)

"I know that Daze has the potential to peak the charts with their unique and always classic rock sound."


- The song "Well, Well" is being played on various radios in Switzerland
- The videoclip "Wann ist die Zeit vorbei" is being shown on TV
- Headlining US Eastcoast Tour in June/July 2007
- More than 100 live Shows in Europe
- American filmmaker, Adam Frey, requested five songs for the soundtrack to "Hunting Dragonflies", his independent, surreal thriller released in 2005.