Dazkarieh stands for an unmistakable sound. It's the sound of the past through old acoustic instruments and the sound of the present that echoes when it becomes pure distortion. It's the Portuguese tradition but also current day traditions that cause a sound explosion, imbued with an intimate tone.


There are only few bands that achieve to create their own musical genre. One of them is Dazkarieh from Portugal. For more than 10 years now their name stands for "Nu Portuguese Folk Rock" or something like that, depending on how you like to call this extravagant music form the western borders of Europe.
Featuring Joana Negraos mysterious voice the band untertakes a vivid re-combination and re-creation of traditional instruments with state-of- the-art sound-design. The old traditional instruments, be it a Greek bouzouki, the Arabian darbuka or Celtic bagpipes gets immersed in a boiling sound-bath with distorted guitars, electronic, rock-drums, re-verb and delay effects. Call it Nu Portuguese Folk Rock or Folktronic, it's everything but Fado.


- Dazkarieh I (2002: Hepta)
- Darkarieh II (2004: Hepta)
- Incognita Alquimia (2006: Hepta)
- Hemisferios (2009: Hepta)
- Ruido Do Silencio (2011: Galileo MC)

Set List

Joana Negrão - Voz, Adufe, Pandeireta, Gaita-de-foles
Vasco Ribeiro Casais - Guitarra/Bouzouki português, Nyckelharpa, Gaitas-de-fole
Rui Rodrigues - Live Guitar and Cavaquinho
André Silva: Live Drums