GTA: San Andrea's cover girl's debut. Soul/pop/crossover artist with a rap twist. The face that launched one the most successful video games ever!


A combination of soul/pop/crossover, funk rap with the tinge of retro, ala New York City. Diversally diverse. Bangin' and slangin', Dazzzzle is a quadruple threat. Not only is she a singer and rapper, she's also a writer and actress who's appeared on MTV's: True Life (I'm an Actress. As an extremely devout practitioner of the fine art of kundalini yoga. She says it's practice has helped to keep her focused and strong when dealing with the craziness that is the entertainment business. For now, she is honing and perfecting her craft and developing a unique which embraces her beliefs while allowing other the space to live their lives as the believe. Scheduling of her tour his underway and there will be a plethora of surprises! Her show will incorporate elements of the GTA: San Andrea's juggernaut as well as parts of her upcoming film, Click/Clique.


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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cover girl, Dazzzzle, comes alive with EPK introduction to the entertainment world. With her soon to be released debut LP, and upcoming lead role in a feature film, Dazzzzle is poised to make a big splash in Hollywood and rise above the Rockstar Video Game controversy.

Los Angeles, Ca (Babybeck Productions) April 22, 2007—Dazzzzle, the gorgeous blonde Rockstar covergirl, is set to explode onto the Hollywood scene with a new album, Raptress, and lead role in a feature film, Clique Click. The only question is: In which area will she first explode? The upcoming EPK will give the world a closer look ((Mention specific dates if possible))

Next month Dazzzzle starts filming Clique Click, a feature film from [ - ] in which she plays the lead role. Until then, she will be wrapping up her debut album, Raptress, which is due to drop at any moment. Her new single, Hot Boy, is already catching ears around Los Angeles, as she polishes the forthcoming LP.

A multi-faceted actress, singer, dancer and model, Dazzzzle has the talent and versatility to entice audiences of all ranges and interests. [Sweet or spicy, demure or bold, whichever you desire, Dazzzzle can fill any role with competence and style.] She is immediately recognizable as the sexy, blonde, shade-clad cover girl for San Andreas, the newest and most controversial installment of the immensely popular Rockstar Video Game series, Grand Theft Auto. However, Dazzle hopes to shed the one-dimensional image associated with the video game and move past the controversy [while solidifying her stance on the threshold of stardom.]

“I was happy to be involved with such a global success,” said Dazzzzle, “but I regret being dragged down, undeservedly, by the controversy. I did a great job for Rockstar, and they obviously loved it. They’ve mishandled what has happened since, and hopefully that will be corrected. Now, it’s time to move on.”

Sexy enough to be the San Andreas cover girl yet wholesome enough to win hearts worldwide, the multi-talented Dazzzzle is ready to rock the entertainment world. A SAG member with numerous acting credits in Film, Stage, and Television, Dazzzzle has been well trained in all theatrical areas and even honed her comedic chops during a stint with The Groundlings.

Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Dazzzzle grew up just outside of DC and had plenty of access to Philadelphia and New York. A small town girl with a big city resume, her proximity to such vibrant music scenes and culture helped focus her talent, yet still keep her interests diverse. Her wide-ranging musical influences have blended to create an up-and-coming talent with a rock n’ roll heart, hip-hop attitude, and funky pop voice. [Did we mention that she can play almost any instrument put in front of her?]

[This is not just another singer, dancer, actress extraordinaire.] Dazzzzle has the looks, style, attitude and personality to turn heads and keep them focused her way. Her sex appeal is just a byproduct of her natural beauty and charm. [Engaging and charismatic in every way, she has a commanding and inviting presence.] Everything she does, she does with passion; she sings from her heart and acts from her soul while keeping her eyes and ears open for new and exciting projects and influences.

“I’m very serious about my crafts, but I have a lot of fun with them,” Dazzzzle said. “I love music and acting, performing and dancing. I’ll be happy as long as I can be creative and continue to grow as an artist and a person.”

Effervescent and optimistic, yet firmly grounded in reality, Dazzle promises to take the entertainment industry by storm and has the talent to do so by any means necessary.

Check out the EPK, but it’s only a matter of time before you get Dazzzzled.

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--Dazzle’s Email: dazzzzleme@yahoo.com

Born in Alexandria, Virginia.
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Single: Hot Boy
CD Album (forthcoming): Raptress

Set List

All original material. 40 minute sets, twice a night.