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An established rapper from the heart of Brooklyn, New York, D Banga is today’s voice of the streets. Born, bred and raised in Brownsville, Damon Rouse has been able to bring his street living attitude to Hip-Hop and the mainstream with ease. Lifting people’s spirits with his reflective optimism, while delivering content that his peers can relate to his presence is encouraging him to slowly rise up in the Hip-Hop world.

D Banga toyed with street life as he grew up. The drug-infested streets of Brooklyn combined with the prevalent gun culture had secured the attention of many of D Banga’s friends but he opted to walk a different avenue to that of his contemporaries. It was music that coursed through his veins. A respect for the forefathers of Hip-Hop and an understanding of what an audience wanted to be courted with, D Banga set to work on channeling his creativity into creating music that would resonate with every day folks.

A chance meeting with his now manager Philly ‘Cash’ saw him gain the support and guidance of someone who knew him specifically for his music. With the relationship between the artist and manager being of paramount importance this formidable team quickly found their feet and were ready to charge. The mutual respect they had for each other was enough to see late night studio sessions turn into a hefty catalogue of music and suddenly the pressure was on to feed their work to the fans and the industry.

D Banga’s first single Shorty was well received by College radio. It made the number six spot on the industry respected college chart, Rapattacklives.com while claiming the number seven spot on Record Breakers. The highly charged club hit attracted the attention of a variety of mainstream and genre specific DJs from all around the world. The tune was featured on AllHipHop.com along with his second push to the masses, Put Your Hands Up. Combined the songs secured over 16 and a half thousand hits on the premiere Hip-Hop site.
Garnering the attention of websites such as RapReviews.com, TheStreetsavvy.com, and BirthplaceMag.com Put Your Hands Up was also a hit with the DJs; securing a place on Atlanta’s very own KD aka Han D Man’s mixtape I’m in Da Streets not Industry. This saw him feature along side the likes of Shawnaa, Killer Mike, T, Murphy Lee and more on the Sirius XM DJs mixtape offering.

But while his music was making spot appearances online and on mixtapes, D Banga knew it was the right time to unleash a full length project to establish himself as more than just a two hit wonder. Teaming up with former Sirius DJ and Justo Award winning turntablist Furious Styles for his impending release, D Banga is sincere is molding a project that gets the balance right, something he thinks is missing in music today. “You don’t get the all-rounders anymore, you know the artists that can cater to any occasion,” he explains. “You have those who make music for the streets, those who make the club music but seldom do you hear an artist who can literally do it all, and I am here to change that.”

Working relentlessly in the studio with his manager/producer Philly ‘Cash,’ D Banga prides himself on his unrivalled work ethic. Often leaving the studio as the sun comes up to ensure perfection is prevalent on every track, D Banga seldom needs to go back into the booth to re-record. Speaking on just how productive he is in the studio ‘Cash’ says “Damon is a pleasure to work with because he trusts my judgment on the direction we need to take with new projects and he is dedicated enough to make studio time efficient and productive; always getting it on the first shot.”

With a strong following on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, he knows how important interaction is with his fans. Whether it is at shows, online or even back in Brownsville, D Banga always has time for his following. ”I love seeing how they respond to the music when they hear it, I mean that’s what it is all about at the end of the day,” he explains. And with the release of his new video for Put Your Hands Up just around the corner, he is testing the waters with his social networking fans first and foremost.

Eager to secure a new label home, he has caught the eyes and ears of various execs and with songs such as Shorty and Put Your Hands Up serving as nothing but a taster of what is to come, this Brownsville native is most definitely one to watch.