a fresh approach to independent music. d.biddle is not trying to be the next big thing, but focuses on writing well crafted and moving rock music.


In 1997 duncan barlow (Endpoint, Guilt, By the Grace of God, Good Riddance) did an interview with Punk Planet magazine declaring that he was walking away from a very successful career in punk music. He spent the next few years in seclusion, writing songs and recording at home. In 2002, he emerged with d.biddle. The band began as a dark psychedelic folk band, recording their first record with Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession, 3 Mile Pilot). After a few years, barlow dropped the acoustic guitar and the band transformed into a rock band, writing emotionally and politically driven songs. Having released records with some of the biggest labels in the "indie" world, barlow decided to walk away from publishing with labels that were nothing more than "wolves in sheep's clothing" and has taken to releasing music completely independent of industry obsession.


Je Pars de Mansion - Trouble Man Unlimited
Self Titled - Sao Bento Music
Rabbit and the Moon - forthcoming June 2008