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d’bi.young is a dancehall-diva-urban-warrior-chanting-conscious-fyah on the mic. this fierce, fearless and feminist sistah is dubpoetry and roots-reggae, infused by dangerous dancehall riddims colliding with heavy hiphop beats and funked out punkrock.


from new york’s def poetry jam to london’s hackney empire theatre; from cape town’s badilisha poetry exchange to kingston jamaica’s red bones blues café, d’bi.young is steadily making a global name for herself as a dynamic, socially-conscious, trail-blazing tour-de-force. she is a poet and dancehall mc whose lyricism stems from the highly political genre of dubpoetry. her unique fusion of dubpoetry, dancehall, and hiphop (what she terms 'dubtryp') produces a pepperpot of rhythmic content that crosses and questions cultural boundaries, social norms and stereotypes; making her a musician of the now!

this dancehall-diva-urban-warrior-chanting-conscious-fyah on the mic, is dub-roots-reggae, infused by dangerous dancehall riddims colliding with heavy hiphop beats and funked out punk. the daughter of anita stewart, a dubpoetry pioneer, d'bi.young grew up in kingston, learning at the feet of the genre's early practitioners. following in the footsteps of the globally celebrated father of dubpoetry, linton kwesi johnson and the world-renowned jean binta breeze, she brings her own wombanist flair to the mix by applying an intersectional-oppression-awareness framework to all that she creates. her rhymes sear with provocative social commentary while maintaining their commitment to the sensual poetics of storytelling.

a headliner at numerous festivals worldwide (including badilisha in cape town, canwest cabaret in the historic distillery district, the calgary international folk and spoken word festivals, vancouver folk festival, havana international reggae festival, and toronto’s international dubpoetry festival) d'bi.young is the future of dub, dancehall and hiphop. at a time when we desire music to be simultaneously conscious, wom(b)anist, sexy and danceable, d'bi.young's work is opportune.

her latest album 'wombanifesto,' released summer 2010, is a celebration of the fierce, the fearless, and the feminist in all of us. the lp boasts a rebellious collection of sixteen cross-genre dubtryp tracks, soaked in d’bi.young’s gritty awe-inspiring delivery; featuring musicians from havana, montreal, and toronto as well as the genius works of cuban producer pablo herrera and armenian- egyptian producer haig vartzbedian.

award-winning african-jamaican dubpoet, monodramatist and educator d’bi.young is indeed one of north america's most celebrated storytellers and for good reason. throughout this decade alone she has created six albums, published three books, produced six plays, written the sankofa trilogy, starred in lord have mercy - canada's first multi-ethnic sitcom, featured in trey anthony’s da kink in my hair, toured and lectured nationally and internationally, founded anitafrika dub theatre (anitafrika.com), participated in seven residencies, and garnered numerous awards and grants, all while raising her two young sons, moon and phoenix.

I am an afrikan-jamaican storyteller – dubpoet, monodramatist, and educator – who believes in art for social transformation. storytelling was taught to me by my mother; she was taught storytelling by her mother. I create art that allows me (and the people who witness and participate in my work) to locate ourselves in complex conversations around identity, belonging, community, herstory, family, displacement and other ways in which we intersect and overlap. I create art about self-reflection and analysis within the context of social change, highlighting our collectivisms and individualities as a part of one humanity. it is important to work among people of our global community and experience our prisms of identity as we create stories about ourselves that reflect each other.

dub is word. dub is sound. dub is powah.
dub poetry is performance/poetry/politrix/roots/reggae/revolushun. dub emerged from the psyche/ life experience of conscious youths in jamaica (such as oku onoura, mikey smith, anita stewart, mutabaruka, jean binta breeze, poets in unity, cherry natural, and many others) and in england (such as linton kwesi johnson and benjamin zephaniah) in the late 70s, early 80s. centred around the cultural training centre (now the edna manley college of the visual and performing arts) these young artists-revolutionaries demanded an art form that would represent and reflect the Jamaican working class linguistically, socially, and politically. coming from the roots of reggae, dubpoetry fiercely challenges capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, and other forms of oppression, while riding a wicked reggae beat. through this old/new form of poetry /music, an outgrowth of the afrikan griot tradition, jamaicans and people worldwide continue to identify with transformational art and struggle.

biomyth monodrama (as named and practiced by d'bi.young anitafrika) is theatrical solo- performance work, written and acted by the same person, inspired by parts of the creator's biographical experie


wombanifesto lp. independent. 2010

Set List

children of a lesser god
animal farm
young black
rivers between us
40 minutes set

d'bi.young is also available for readings, workshops, masterclasses, courses, talks, lectures, presentations and monodrama performances, particularly themed around art and social transformation.