D.B. Johnson

D.B. Johnson

 Rotterdam, South Holland, NLD

You can recognize me by loads of latin samples combined with sleazy RnB vocals on an asskicking house beat. While mixing that with the hottest now-a-days hits.


Jan-Joost den Brinker (musically active under the pseudonym D.B. Johnson) started his musical career as a radio-host. But working behind a desk talking to listeners was just not satisfying enough. After buying his first CD players, he decided to quit his late-night radioshows. He resigned and started working music from a complete other angle. Instead of making static transitions at a desk, he was now into dynamic transitions behind a mixer. He was now fully into mixing.

And now, three years after he started mixing, things are obviously working out.
Currently he is signed at Life Mediagroup Artist Agency. For this agency he does either public parties as private parties. Furthermore he is working as a freelancer for Music Entertainment Bookings in Bergschenhoek.
With roots in either latin and RnB, all of his eclectic sets are uplifting and unique. With the skills to select the right track on the right moment combined with a proper handling of the wheels of steel, he can make a crowd go wild.


No releases yet!

Set List

- 2x PIONEER CDJ2000
- 1x DJM-800