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New Haven, Connecticut, United States

New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"pretty basement"

.dbk. had a slow year starting sometime in November of 2009. Their weekend getaways to drummer David Keith's basement usually resulted in OCD jam sessions where they could cut the fat for the first hour and chew it for the remaining 6.
So it came as no surprise that when Guitarist Craig Douglas, Bassist Joel Booska and Grand Master Keith decided to cut an album, it would be a true reflection of what their experience in the basement was: tedious aesthetics balanced on top of a raw bee farm.
'We all wanted to be lean, musically, with not too much horsing around...kind of a tight and pretty sounding rock band but with less bombast and more service to getting a miniature format pressed and sealed'; comments Drummer David Keith while he slowly exhales his peace pipe into a panty hosed condenser microphone.
'I knew Craig for 20 years so our left turns in music were never too big a stretch or surprise to each other regarding timing and expectation. There's a tension between us but it's productive. Kind of like brothers fighting silent little music wars, you know?'; sya a sharp foreheaded Joel as he pets a small boxer.
'I knew from the get-go, even before we brought a bassist in that David and I were linked musically. We both embraced that era of drug rock and festival sluttiness that combed over a generation of would be real estate agents and bar owners. We have only good things to say about local clubs.'
At this point the basement had filled up considerably with incense smoke and the energy saver green and blue lights were giving Bridgette a migraine.
So with a firm handshake and two wheatgrass smoothies for the road, we climbed into our Datsun and headed out of the main automatic gates of the Keith homestead.
One thing was for sure about our short interview with .dbk., there wasn't one comfortable seat for us to sit on. - Barbra and Bridgette


(Self-Titled) 2011



dbk is a three piece band, formed in the fall of 2009 in New Haven, CT. The band performs dynamic,
epic post-rock, with elements of modern psychedelia and shoegaze, experimental leanings, and emotive
vocal arrangements. dbk's songs are developed from improvised recording sessions- David Keith (drums,
vocals) edits these recordings, cutting and arranging sections to create original, and unique arrangements.
He then presents these to the rest of the band, to work out live group performance, explore alternate ideas,
etc., before finally re-recording the finished song.
With clear influence and inspiration from legendary bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead,
Jane’s Addiction, and the Police, dbk creates a fresh, distinctive, and diverse new sound.