Daniel Brown and Living Sacrifice
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Daniel Brown and Living Sacrifice

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
Band Christian Gospel


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Heady Here!"

I was excited about the release for Daniel Brown & Living Sacrifice’s CD. Daniel has been gifted to write some incredible music. Living Sacrifice are some of the most talented singers in the Oklahoma City area. I’m still looking forward to hearing the whole CD. - basementseven.com

"Daniel Brown and Heady interview"

Heady Here! I wanted to give you an opportunity to meet an awesome man of God. My dear friend Daniel Brown is doing amazing things with his talents. We wanted to give you a little more about Daniel and he agreed to do a quick interview with us. Enjoy.

Heady: So Daniel, you were recently married. Share with us the joys of marriage.

Daniel: Marriage was the BEST choice I ever made. Michele is the other half that’s been missing all my life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy taking on the responsibility of a wife. But the personal and spiritual growth that has happened to me in the past six months is completely priceless…..

H: I’m guessing children are in the plan. How many?

D: I would be fine with 2 children, no matter what the genders….lol. My wife on the other hand wants 3……

H: Your wife sings. So, I’m guessing this was a plus?

D: My wife has the voice of an angel. The first time I herd her sing I knew she was my wife. And God would use our gifts to further his kingdom.

H: You went to Classen here in the OKC. Classen reminds me of a television show that use to come on called Fame. Did you ever have the opportunity to watch Fame? I wanted to be Leroy. I can’t believe I just said that.

D: lol…. Fame was not my show of choice growing up. I was a lot more into sports in school than Music. Infact my first time singing solo was my first concert in 2006…

H: What was your experience like at Classen?

D: It was the best HS experience in OKC I think. We were given the freedom to perfect the talents we had. And with so much talent around us, we had no choice but to get better.

H: You play several instruments. Which ones can you play?

D: First of all, I am a jack of all trades but a Master of None…. I have much to learn. I play Drums, Piano, Organ, Bass, Trombone; Marimba , Congo ’s upright Bass, marching band instruments ECT…….

H: Which is your favorite?

D: IDK…….. I love them all so much lol. But I have to say the Drums.

H: You are working on a new album. What’s the name of it?

D: Always Love You…

H: Living Sacrifice is going to be a part of this new album. What’s the experience like now?

D: The heart behind the CD is the same. To share a lifestyle of righteousness with the City, and beyond… also every group member will have a solo on this CD. I’m really excited about that.

H: So on February 28th, we will hear all new material?

D: That’s right. Fresh out of Heaven…….lol

H: What’s your favorite song on this album?

D: Always Love You

H: What’s the vision for your ministry?

D: That the World may see our Good works, and Glorify the Father in heaven….

H: Who are some musicians/artists that have influenced your ministry?

D: Fred Hammond #1 Shirley Davis, Phil Davis, Deyonka Geeter, Tye Trebbett……

H: How will we be able to purchase your album once it’s out?

D: Feb 28th at C Life (2nd and walnut Downtown) starting at 5:30pm will be our CD release concert. Also at Poetry night.

H: Who are you listening to at the moment when riding around OKC?

D: A group called Testament. Very powerful

H: What can our audience expect from you and Living Sacrifice on February 28th?

D: They should expect a group of real Christians, living to encourage all of Gods people to seek Jesus……

H: Your brother has some major things going on musically as well. Is your whole family gifted in the area of music?

D: My Family is very blessed with Musical Talent. But it all comes from the prayer and focus of our Parents Dee and Bernadine Brown….

H: What role has your parents played in all of this?

D: lol…… I guess I already answered this. My father is a pastor. And through good times and Bad, he has always remembered God. We are living his vision. We are all believers, and we all live to honor God because of His teaching.

H: Give the b7 audience something inspirational before we wrap up this interview.

D: Marriage is a good thing people. I know the world will tell you that it is not, but the world also thinks we shouldn’t pray in school, and were has that gotten us….. As a young married man, I am honored to have a wife. There is a great reward to knowing that you are pleasing God with your relationship. And a man who finds a Wife finds a good thing. And favor with God.

H: Get your “GOOD THING” men! LOL… How can people get a taste of your music?

D: www.myspace.com/2dbrown

H: When you hear the name Jesus, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

D: Love, Love, Love, Love, Grace, Grace, Grace, Thank you Thank you Thank you

H: We can’t wait to experience what you and Living Sacrifice has in store for us on February 28th! I pray you and your ministry much success.
- basementseven.com


Scene 2007 Daniel Brown and living Sacrifice have locally released two CD’s the first was entitled God OF Everything. And in 2009 we locally released our newer CD entitled Always love you.



My name is Daniel Brown. A few years ago, God started to give me some very interesting music. After working at a recording studio in Albuquerque, I had the tools to record my ideas. After sharing it with my church family, it was clear that it was God inspired. So I decided to assemble a group to perform, and minister this music. I am recently married to Michele Brown who has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. She is also a member a Living Sacrifice. We are simply a Group of young Christians, who desire to see our GOD given gifts, bring people all over this nation and beyond closer to our lord and savior Jesus Christ. We don’t sing for money, or fame. We don’t even sing for a crowd reaction, or to entertain. We sing the word of GOD completely. We tell our testimonies with the hope that someone might understand that GOD is able to do anything, and he is worthy of everything we can give.