DB Martin Group

DB Martin Group

 Austin, Texas, USA

Who does Steely Dan sound like? Or Elton John or Santana, or Pink Floyd? Tom Petty? DB Martin sounds like DB Martin. This is adult contemporary R&B infused rock music you must hear to believe.


This is good music. A seemingly perfect melding of yesterday and today in DB's compositions, This group is compelling.

People have said this music sounds a little like Santana, a little like Michael McDonald, a little like Pink Floyd and whole lot like DB. DB's musical teeth were cut nestled between Chicago and Detroit heavily influenced by old school R&B and rock in its very formative years with a heavy dose of the Beatles thrown in there. "I've always loved big music", says DB. "Who doesn't like love songs?". DB recorded and co-produced this CD with Jason James at Spin Studios Austin, a now defunct home studio owned by James. Together, in a little over a year in 1995, DB and James put together a very enjoyable debut CD of 12 great songs. The live show just has to be seen. These are serious musicians who have created an undeniable sound. Some of the most incredible music to come to life in Austin, TX.


Miracle Man -2007