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My music provides lisetners with the kind of sounds that music was ment for. You get hot beats, chatchy hooks, and outstanding word play in the verses. My tracks are very conscientious to what people go through in everyday life. warderrick@yahoo.com


Biography Of “D-Boog” Name: Derrick K. Ward Position: Rapper/ Writer Influences: 2-pac, Biggie, Eric B. and Rakim, NWA, The Dog Pound, Bone Thugs, Scarface, DJ Quik Born to a single mom in Cincinnati, Ohio, D-Boog was determined to make something out of himself. After moving from house-to-house, neighborhood-to-neighborhood, his mother packed up him and his six siblings and headed for a new life in Detroit, Mi. There life wasn’t as new as she expected because the lifestyle of moving from place to place followed them. D-Boog began to write to help him cope with the lack of money for clothes and sometimes food at home. As a child, he would dream about becoming a writer entering different kinds of contests in hopes of being rewarded for his ability to put words together. It wasn’t until his college years that he realized his dream of becoming a successful writer was obtainable through music. He began to write Rap and R&B lyrics with a style of its own. Going from the basement to the studio he was able to perfect his sound and now believes the world is ready to enjoy his perception of life. Changing the face of Hip Hop forever.



Written By: "D-Boog" Derrick K. Ward


God bless me with the wisdom to see
And achieve all the accomplishments of my dreams and won't you
Bless me God with the vision of light cause I’m sick of living life not knowing wrong from right and won't you Bless me Lord with the power to lead I can't stand in the back I’ve got mouths to feed So when you bless me Lord with more rhythm then most I’m gone kill it they gone my lyrics coast to coast

Verse 1:
From coast to coast my lyrics banging the shores
From the hood to the burbs with a lot of help from the lord
The possibility of meeting your dreams
At the door of opportunity
It opens and swings
And I don't know what awaits
But see I’m taking a chance
Standing around ain't for me cause I’m trying to advance
Have a dance
With my fate in a desperate search for answers
To questions that haven't revealed many meaningful lessons
And precious
Is my time and so I use it so wisely
Staring directly into the future never looking behind me
And if I some how get lost dear God
Where can I find me?
I’m so afraid in this maze I need your light just to guide me
So won't you

Verse 2:
Lord I got plans on reaching the youth
Cipher through all the nonsense and only show them the truth
So they don't have to sit out on the project roof
A ray of light in the darkness when I step in the booth
Give them the vision of sight and make it easy to see
You got to get up and get your own
Because ain't nothing for free
And you going fall into some hardships and death
But play the cards you were dealt
And always give it your best
With every breathe you breath try to achieve your dreams
When you on the road to riches and finer things
And proposed to me was the means to keep it give it to those that needed and pray the Lord for forgiveness and ask for blessings


Verse 3:
Lord can't you see I’m dying in side because when it's time to ride
All the youngsters run and hide
Searching for shelter friendly faces or maybe some grub
All alone in this world we got to show them some love so won't you



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