Former Stanley Jordan saxman D’BREEON brings it on with the ‘FANTASY” 2CD Album, which delivers a double punch! Hot R&B Crossover and Cool Club Jazz all in one handsome package. It all started when D’BREEON was invited to Paisley Park. Experience the phenomenon.


The Chicago-born D’Breeon is playing the piano and saxophone since he was five years old , taught by his mother Parrea Wilson, a concert pianist. He studied under renowned Jazz-bassist Richard Davis at the University at Wisconsin, Madison where he extensively played the local club scene and became well known as an energetic Pop singer and New-School saxophonist. He played with Stanley Jordan at a concert in conjunction with Stanley Jordan's promotional tour. At the same time, he composed and performed smash Pop-R&B jams with his band, the Dans.

D’Breeon's work has been celebrated since he was part of the album project "MadScene" with his band called the Dans. . The "MadScene" album featured the song "DO YOU", written by D’Breeon who also sang lead vocals, which received excellent reviews. As a result, D’Breeon was invited to Paisley Park (The Artist Formerly Known as Prince's) recording studios to lay down the tracks that now appear on the DO IT album as "Call Her". Soon after graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to work exclusively in the music field. Here he performed in clubs like the Roxy and Gaylord in Beverly Hills, the Sidewalk Cafe in St. Monica, Downtime -NYC, Blue Note- Dresden Germany. He worked as an audio engineer in the Black Hole Studio as well as an independent producer with a variety of artists and labels. Chi Sound Records, DTA Records, Altar Records, Masonic, Quick Silver and Big Sound Records are some of them. D’Breeon definitely has the big city edge on his music. His official debut album "DO IT" was released in 2000 and distributed in the US by Quicksilver/Increase and has been released in Europe by Masonic Music/ Yaskin. The artist writes, records and masters all his tracks at his own studio at Big Sound Records.

The multi-faceted "D" explored other aspects of the entertainment field as well. He appeared as a featured conga player on "The Mary Thomas Story" Disney feature as well as an understudy for Morris Day in the play "Lawd ha Mercy". D’Breeon has also finished performing in and producing "America Now International", a DVD show that is included with either the "Fantasy" or "Mysterious Lover" DVD Albums that features cameo's from Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Herbie Hancock, Jamie Fox, Ben Verene and many others.

Recently, D’BREEON alias Bryant Michael Davis was inducted into the National Register's Who's Who in America 2005-2006 Directory for outstanding artistic creations.

Lately, you can also hear him as DJ on KWEST FM, the San Fernando Valley's Local Internet Radio Station at http://kwestfm.com, http://dbreeon.com, and lastly http://bigsoundrecords.biz.

At this time the entertainer is concentrating on performance and promotion of his NEW HIT 2CD album "FANTASY" that will be distributed by BIG SOUND RECORDS starting Summer 2005.

Check out D’Breeon on the 2006 Moonlight Tour. Check for locations and dates at http://www.bigsoundrecords.biz.



Written By: D'BREEON

Rainbow 4:36

Like loves Rainbow
Like Loves Rainbow, yea
Like loves Rainbow
Every time it rains
Like loves rainbow
I been loving now
Like loves rainbow
Complete with Gold
So let me turn it around trip it up
Come on one more time hit me

She doesn’t understand why he doesn’t care about what she wants anymore
She wont look inside cause she is afraid she’s gonna find
She’s in a conflict she doesn’t want it
But she’s to caught up to look with in
Cause then she would find

Like loves Rainbow
Like Loves Rainbow, every time it rains
Like loves Rainbow
Like loves rainbow

Would you like to come to a special place with me
You know your there when you fantasy
Like the wind from the sea beneath the wings flying free
In a dance you tango your way like the morning sun across the land
In the hearts with
Complete with Gold
Complete with Gold

Now its shining and I can feel it in your breeze
You like your lips
And then you stare at me
Are you hungry or do you want me to see you open and looking at me

Got a letter the other day
I was in New York at home and on my way
Back home to LA 9 months gone
Drop the beat
Been too long
Drop it in the street just another D’BREEON song
Pump it up cause it’s been too long
So there now it’s been said
I got a letter from my cousin Fred
He’s been to jail cause he said he killed a man dead, but that’s not what he said in the
Letter from my cousin Fred

That’s why no one can predict how lover’s gonna trip
Now she says enough of the this
Cause cousins Daddy died, You know I went there but I didn’t cry
Keep it cool don’t be a fool,
No one can predict how your gonna trip
so stripe this musch schtick

Like Loves Rainbow,
Well now
Like loves Rainbow
every time it rains
Like loves Rainbow
Keep loving

I got there late
I drove up last
I parked the car
Chicago oh so far
I waved my hand
For now this will have to last
The time has come the time has past

I remember when
No one believed in me
Cousin Fred was there for keeps
And he know the score
And what I was for
So plain to see

You say your tired of what your working for
Their playing games their trying to score
You say you wanna be with me
My name is out
It’s not for free
So lady if your one of me
Take my hand
And then you will see
Sometimes life is not always fair

Like loves rainbow
But if you believe in love
Then I care, live will show you
So you think you know you
Every time it rains
Crib to home, better late then never
I hope you feel me
I wanna be your lover sweet lady
Like loves rainbow
Every time it rains

You Said

Written By: D'BREEON

You Said 3:30

You want to know
Oh baby
What make love tick?
I thought it was a dream
But now it real and it seems
All that I wanted was to be with you
Your everything I needed
Oh yes this is true

Do you know what its like in the middle of the night
Let me tell you baby

You said enough
Don’t say too much
You said enough
Don’t say too much

You said enough
Don’t say too much
You said enough
Don’t say too much

As I sit in the sunshine I think about you
And when you danced in the moonlight did you think about me to
Tonight supposed to be good whether any time any place for you and me together yea
Its Time for me to let you know just how I feel
When you love me right it’s out of sight and that’s all I focus on that’s what you got me going on


You said enough
Don’t say too much
You said enough
Don’t say too much

You said enough
Don’t say too much
You said enough
Don’t say too much

All day all night
Cause when it takes away the empty feeling
That ready and willing to take your place
So hold on tight hummm
It feels so good to hear you say my name
Like a magnet erasing pain
Until the next time
Jesus love lasts forever
Hey baby
Cause his love lasts forever
Baby please
Cause his love lasts forever
Cause his love lasts forever

Don’t say too much
You said enough
Don’t say too much
And then I ask myself
Baby Please
Don’t say too much
And then I ask myself
You said enough
Don’t say too much
Jesus love lasts forever


"Fantasy" Double Album, BIG Sound Records 2005- In stores NOW

The Radio singles "Rainbow", "Birthday" & "Fantasy" from the "Fantasy" 2 CD Album are currently receiving AIRPLAY on more than 20 commercial Radio stations throughout the country!

"DO IT" Album released 2000, distributed by Quicksilver/Increase

"Gina" Album 1995

Set List

14 Song Set List of Slamming Originals; Two 30 min sets or Three 20min sets is typical for D'BREEON with Dancers or/and Background Singers. Some gigs where additional band members are contracted out and live versions are performed two or three sets each lasting 45 min are performed - depending on the venue.
The standard set list is:
1) Everlasting
2) Birthday
3) Thank You
4) LA Scene
5) Rainbow
6) She's My Kind of Girl
7) Turn It Up
8) Do It
9) Big City
10)Lovely Lady
12)Bring It On
13)NYC Nights