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we have 4 tracks available online at
also available our E.P. "FREEDOM"
*(Which features 2 bonus edited tracks)
Your Rights*
You Won't Break Me*



Front man Butch DeLuca (bass, vocals) back round in old school Metal, Hardcore and Rock. Butch started in 1991 with a speed metal band called "Nihilist". After completing a demo in 1993 they split. Butch dropped the bass and focused on vocals for a few bands around the country (Mass, RI,and AZ). Completing the full circle Butch picked up the bass Once more, and now is creating a highly energetic sound with Nate DeLuca (guitar, vocals) who grew up listening to rap and grunge rock. Molding his own riffs and back beat sounds that were years ahead of its time. He Creates sounds from the guitar never heard before. Youngest Brother Josh DeLuca (drums), who lives in the world of soundbites, samples and electronics, was introduced to the drums by Middle brother, Nate. Since, Josh has become the "Drum Lord". Rounding out the Band with Countless hours of training and pissing the neighbors off, Josh has developed a style second to none. Now in Springfield VT, the D'BroTHerHooD are three brothers united in making there mark on the world. Starting out in Josh's bedroom, with barely enough room to stand, the D'BroTHerHooD worked a bunch of covers from bands like Rage Against the Machine, Zombie, STP, Tool, Hatebreed, and Nirvana. For a while it was fun but something was missing. A direction. Reading the headlines of today, the way the government portraits the working class, to the terrors from abroad and at home. People need to voice there opinions like never before. We must rise up and live the freedoms our ancestors fought so hard for. The feeling, emotion and rage....the D'BroTHerHooD has Defined it in there OWN music! the D'BroTherHooD is in your face and gets people crazy! RAGE ROCK is our sound! From basement to studio, we cannot be stopped. What is Rage Rock? the D'BroTHerHooD!