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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Ingrid Michaelson endorses Black Dice Reunion (DbryJ & Jeremiah)"

"There's a remix of my song ['The Way I Am'] by Black Dice. It's a good remix. Actually...you can't get it out of your head once you hear it...They did like a whole rap and they used my song really well." - live in concert (2008)

"Best-selling Music Marketing Author Quotes DbryJ"

"The kind of service I talk about takes place when you focus on the benefit that your talents deliver to people who are attracted to it...Dexter Bryant Jr. [DbryJ] gets this. A big thanks to Dexter for reminding us all of the keys to success and fulfillment!" In the same post Bob also quoted words from an email sent to him by Dexter. - Bob Baker's Indie Music Promotion Blog

"Help me get press!"

Know someone who might like to review or feature me in their publication/blog/podcast or video series? Please have them contact me at dbryjmusic@gmail.com

Your help is greatly appreciated and I am happy to return you a favor if you'd like ^_^ - THANK YOU :D


"Shake Em Up" [2009]
- The debut CD from dance/hip hop band Black Dice Reunion. Produced and published by DbryJ Music.
- mp3 album available @ http://www.nimbitmusic.com/dbryjmusic

"That's My Sh!t" ft. D.M.E. (track #3 on "Shake Em Up") was featured on Tallahassee urban radio station Blazin 102.3 in the summer of 2008 and was voted number ONE by fans in the station's unsigned artists competition.

"La La" (track #4 on "Shake Em Up") has received no radio play BUT...
It was selected for "RNB Fever Vol 17" [a mixtape promoted/distributed by the internationally recognized, award-nominated DJ Pimp and DJ Lexus] in January 2009 to feature alongside tracks by urban music superstars T-Pain, Akon, Ciara, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Keri Hilson, The-Dream, and others.



DbryJ (BMI) - Tallahassee, FL - Globally appealing urban-electronic-dance-pop - myspace.com/dbryjmusic

Every DbryJ record strives for sonic fearlessness -- to be bold and new and exciting! His music seeks to liberate listeners--because life can be so stressful--and offers inspiration and hope. That's because DbryJ has braved his share of tragedy and knows how negatively it can affect your entire life. His younger brother Jeremiah went missing in February 2008 after developing a debilitating psychological disorder, yet DbryJ's drive and determination remain fierce. When you hit rock bottom the only place left to go is up.

Dexter Bryant Jr. (DbryJ) is a music businessman and performer. He has accumulated over 15 years of experience as a musician--the drum set his pops bought him at age 6 ignited a fiery passion. His vibrant, distinct sound is best characterized as urban-electronic-dance-pop with hip hop, retro soul/funk, and indie rock influences. DbryJ is inspired by classic Motown, James Brown, electronic dance music (EDM), energetic indie rock & pop, intelligent hip hop, and legendary classical composers.

DbryJ began as a studio-only performer with powerful stage fright and over time grew into a fearless stage performer who pours his heart and soul into every live gig. Peers, fans, and venues alike expect high energy performances each and every time they hear a DbryJ recording or see him perform liveā€”and that's exactly what they get. Imagine the stage presence of Busta Rhymes + James Brown and you get DbryJ.

Besides exercising leadership as CEO of his music publishing and multimedia music production company DbryJ Music, DbryJ is a songwriter, record producer, and recording artist. He is earning himself a reputation for inventive music production and songwriting. His productions shine with a quirky creative genius and reveal his hyper-attention to detail. He combines elements from different genres and eras of music at will, crafting a seamless blend he has nick-named "retro fusion." DbryJ is skilled at producing records in hip hop, dance pop, R&B, pop/rock, indie rock, electronica, and other genres. He delights in being a master of fashioning brand new sub-niche styles. Try to picture a dance+R&B+pop+opera+rap track and you start to get an idea of the types of experiments he concocts musically.