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DC (19) a 4 octave Berklee student singer/songwriter … adds an essential new element to Pop & RnB. Recently signed to urban indie Soultown Records. His compositions are laden with introspective lyrics and infectious vocals combined with a veteran-like charismatic stage presence.


Rising through the clutter of mainstream R&B emerges D C, a young (19) innovative male four octave range vocalist with the talent to enthrall an audience with his voice, showmanship and ability to connect with an audience. D C, a singer/songwriter, continues on his journey to carve out his personal niche in the music industry. This young entertainer’s relentless persistence to move and wow audiences with his voice and soul will leave a lasting impression in the minds of all who encounter the D C experience.

D C was born in Recife, Brazil on October 8, 1985. His childhood was marked by him coming to terms with the knowledge that he was adopted by American parents at 10 months old. His musical journey began at an early age when he discovered writing lyrics and playing percussions could serve as a cathartic outlet to cope with the uncertainty of not knowing his birth mother, or why she gave him up for adoption. D C honed his musical skills and started to act in musical theatre. He appeared in middle and high school productions of The Music Man (Tommy), Bye Bye Birdie (Conrad Birdie), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (The Pharoah), as well as countless other productions. As a teen he also sang the “National Anthem” at a variety of high school sporting events. In November 2003, at the Annapolis Film Festival DC sang a solo accompanied by the Ft. Meade Army Band.

DC is currently on a four year scholarship at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Ma. Where he continues to elevate his craft. Once you savored the DC experience you know he is the next big thing in R&B. Your thirst for introspective R&B without that cookie cutter feeling is now quenched.

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Storme Bracey



Written By: DC & ALLEN

1st verse:
-But only yesterday on the low
-Conversatin about our past, what we are and what we were
-It drove so fast our time away, hey
-Im not oblivious but your more than that obvious relationship
-And no more stressin I’m confessin,
-For me w/in your heart lies an everlastin heaven
-But whenever your not around it feels like I’m doin life in prison
-God I miss you baby

-No More crying the night away
-No more Pondering over what we could be
-Shawty it was just... it was just
-No more crying the night away
-No more pondering over what we could be

2nd verse
-Oh girl I’ll never forget that special special night
-That we made love for the very first time
-Girl you took me by surprise
-When you gazed into my eyes It was love @ 1st sight
-And now that you’re here boo everything is alright
-Cuz this ray of light is shining oh so bright
-And it creeps and it seeps
-Deep w/in our L I V E S this love is engraved on our chest

Chorus 2

-I said there ain’t no better love then DC’s love
-There aint no damn way I’d let you go astray
-Cuz here w/in my heart lies a masterpiece that’s ours
-And through this hurt and pain
-I’m caught up in this game
-You can envy they can hate
-Cuz our love is here to stay
-L O V E DC God I love you baby
-And I don’t know how you could ever get it confused
-Cuz I love you girl I love you

Chorus: 3x (fade out)