They've jammed with Lenny Kravitz. They've played Good Morning America. Their self-produced video is on MTV Tres. And on top of all that, they have a singing drummer who plays standing up! This pop trio has it all: Great songs, extraordinary musicianship and hard-rockin' performances...


Powerful songs, beautiful songs, get-up-and-jump-around songs, sit-back-and-take-it-all-in songs – all of them with great melodies, vocal harmonies and a strong musical backbone of drums, bass and guitar. Woven with classic rock/pop songwriting sensibilities and strong yet sensitive lyrics, DC-3’s music is both uplifting and memorable. And that’s not just hot air; look around the audience at their next concert. You’ll see their fans singing along. And more importantly, you’ll see other people start to sing along with them.

Their fun-yet-ferocious performances have led to countless opening slots, recording sessions and/or tours with big-name artists including Lenny Kravitz, Lauren Hill, Everclear, Vanessa Carlton, Scott Stapp (Creed), O-Town, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil (Motley Crue), along with a host of Latino artists including Ricky Martin, Tego Calderon, Christian Castro, Soraya and Paulina Rubio. Also, they're no strangers to the college/NACA circuit; they've toured and performed with Pavlov's Dog Entertainment artist Jorge Moreno throughout his career (including his showcase at the national convention in Minneapolis last year).

On stage, lead vocalist/drummer Derek Cintron plays the drums standing up, simultaneously handling the lead vocal chores! And he doesn’t just play the parts. He delivers the material with incredible energy and passion, pushing his voice to the limit and attacking the drums as if his life depends upon how well he’s playing. When compounded with Fernando Perdomo’s explosive bass playing and Tony Medina’s aggressive guitar work, the resulting physical performance is both powerful and riveting (Tony and Fernando take on backing vocals and keyboards as well).

Without a doubt, DC-3 have their own sound – and it’s a BIG one. It’s classic arena pop-rock, and it’s meant to be played in arenas and theaters, not elitist clubs where only the 200 “coolest” people in town can get in. This is music for the people, not necessarily the critics. And while DC-3 definitely has the nostalgic, old-school pop-rock thing down, they add a fresh spin to it with their high-energy performances. Maybe that’s what gives their music its timeless quality and appeal. Their stuff could be released in 1977 or 2007; either way it would still be relevant.

Take “Keep Me Waiting”, for example. Pink Floyd might have written this between Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here. But the song is driven by a modern pop vocal arrangement, with lush harmonies and a smooth, breathy lead vocal that climaxes at just the right spot. “Stay” could be an undiscovered Queen or Beatles track, but its modern-yet-warm sound production gives away it's 2006 copyright date.

Despite being rooted in classic rock/pop, the songs often incorporate unexpected influences and/or odd combinations of influences. “The One” kicks off with a drum intro inspired by the Steve Miller Band, dives head-first into a Zeppelin-esque riff for the verse, then blossoms into a harmony-laden chorus best described as The Jackson 5 singing over a salsa bass line. “Where I Want To Be” dynamically varies between soft acoustic guitar and powerful arena rock before erupting into a fully orchestrated symphony, with uplifting, gospel-like vocals coming in at the end to take it all home.

Lyrically, DC-3 nails it on the interpersonal/introspective stuff. “Too Much Time Has Passed” beautifully describes the inner turmoil encountered while trying to better one’s self. “Divorced” depicts an adulterous liaison with a married woman. On “Athena”, a lament about wanting to keep the girlfriend and “the girl on the side”, the vocal performance and the sentiment in the lyric is so genuine, you find yourself feeling for the guy! But that’s only half the story, because the band covers as much ground lyrically as they do musically...

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Written By: Derek Cintron

why don’t you come back to my place?
why don’t we find a hotel?
why don’t you pack up a suitcase?
grab a toothbrush and turn off the cell...
can’t really go to a disco
can’t do anything but take off our clothes
you know there’s nothing that scares you, babe
‘cause you know you’ll never be alone

you’re 32, you wear your ring
and you say you ain’t worried about a thing
the thrill is gone, or so it seems
give or take a few years, you’re gonna be divorced

you always want something better
you've got great expectations
and now you find yourself fettered
in your life, i’m just a minor complication
i’m not the root of your problems
and you’re too shallow to solve them
so we use each other, misuse each other
and run back home when it’s over

what will you do without your ring?
you’ll dig for gold
the thrill is gone, or so it seems
give or take a few years, you’re gonna be divorced

The One

Written By: D. Cintron

All the world I've seen has left me hard and cold
Made me feel unclean; left me scarred and old

In the dark I'm like a firefly; a candle in a field of endless grey
Searching the world for other firelights
And I've found one
Could you be the one?

I've walked alone for so many miles
A tender touch I've never known
I come to you an abandoned child
Could you the the one to take me home?

If I trust in you, will you let me down?
I want to believe in you
But you gotta help me to forget all the hurt inside me, around me...

If I give in to you, will you give in to me?
Will you bleed from your heart?
Will you help me to see?

I've come home...

Walk Again

Written By: D. Cintron

It's getting colder in the bedroom
And even colder in the hall
My mind is robbed of inspiration
I feel the pain of my withdraw
Bring back the joy and the laughter
Oh God, help me break my fall

'Cause the world seems so empty whenever you are gone
With you, I have plenty - but without I can't go on
Come to me my muse, settle all my fears
Help me through the darkness, wipe away my tears
'Cause now I truly am a shell of a man

My wells are left without water
My throat is parched and dry
Sun melting skin on my shoulder
No sign of rain in the sky
The songs have all been sung
The battles, all been won
But it's too soon for me to die

Lord, let me find what I have lost

I will never walk again
The words, they echo in my head
As I sit idle in my easy chair
Or as I lie alone in bed
I'm left without any feeling
Oh God, I might as well be dead

'Cause the world seems so empty whenever you are gone
With you, I have plenty - but without I can't go on
I think I hear you coming to settle all my fears
Wipe away my tears
There's feeling all over...
I can walk again

Keep Me Waiting

Written By: D. Cintron

I had a dream I could fly
They said I'd never tame the sky
I said I'd walk upon the moon
And they thought me such a fool
I want to reach the nearest star
But people say it's way too far
But in my mind, I can touch it...

I won't let them keep me waiting

When I broke the speed of sound
I heard dissention all around
Laws of color I defied
On that bus I took my ride
I told the church they were wrong
They made my penance hard and long
All their rules, I have broken...

I won't let them keep me waiting

I hurt today - I almost cried
Could my dreams have been a lie?
I hit the wall, hurt my hand
My legs grew tired of taking stands
I turned the page, I carried on
I found my spirit lingers on
Gold will shine, though it's rusted...

I won't let them keep me waiting

Class of '99 (Everybody's Goin' Down to the Rave)

Written By: Derek Cintron

Everybody's rollin' up a fat one
Everybody's drinkin' like a fish
And then they all fall down
There's vomit on the ground
And I'm left standing, talking to myself...

The stories, all been told
This stuff is getting old
I never fit the mold
Again, I leave the party all alone

Everybody's watchin' Jerry Springer
Everybody's diggin' Ricky Lake
The guests are all so dumb
And rude to everyone
Please don't take my Star Trek off the air...

I'm standing here realizing what I've been saying
I'm complaining
But I can't be the only one
I can't be the only, lonely one

Everybody's goin' down to the rave
Everybody gave their head a good shave
Everybody got a tribal tattoo
And a CK shirt, and some big pants too

It's all the same
There will always be a new craze
I'm still waiting for them to dress like me...

The story's all been told
This stuff is getting old
I never fit the mold
It's al been like I told you
You know I never tried
To find my niche in life
And time has passed me by
Again, I leave the party all alone

Everybody's going off the deep end...

Pirate Radio

Written By: Derek Cintron

Here come the business man
He gonna buy the radio tower
Get with the program man
You know the DJ's got no power

We gotta do what we can
Gotta hatch this crazy plan

You're listening to Pirate Radio
Voices of the youth in stereo
Got 24 more hours left to go
So stay tuned to Pirate Radio

Payola rules the land
The major labels buy their share
Generic bands, marketing plans, take no stands
Prefabricated for the air

You're listening to Pirate Radio
Voices of the youth in stereo
Got 17 more hours left to go]
So stay tuned to Pirate Radio

And then the government came
Tried to take our tower away
They called the national guard
Said we had gone way too far
We gotta do what we can
Gotta hatch this crazy plan

You're listening to Pirate Radio
Voices of the youth in stereo
Got only one more hour left to go
We came on air together
Now we'll fall as one...



"Stay" video currently featured on MTV Tres, FMTV and LATV...

"Divorced" and "The One" live performances currently airing on Telemundo channel 41 in South Florida...

"Class of '99" single rose to #13 on garageband.com last year (single was included on YOU & ME & EVERYBODY ELSE)


"Pirate Radio" featured on XM Satellite radio; also rose to #8 on WNSU (Nova University radio - a major college station in South Florida with even more reach than University of Miami's station); also received substantial airplay on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando, WZTA 94.9 Zeta in South Florida...

"Closure" received airplay and won dc-3 "band of the week" on 103.1 The Buzz in South Florida; also received airplay on WZTA 94.9 Zeta...

"Ride" and "Quitter" both received airplay on WZTA, WVUM (University of Miami radio) and WNSU (Nova University radio).

Set List

Three hours of original music, plus a smattering of classic rock/pop covers done DC3-style...