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Morristown, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Morristown, Tennessee, United States | SELF
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“Dear Daddy” :The song “Dear Daddy” is the complement version of 2-pac’s “Dear Momma” . In 2-pac’s “Dear Mamma” he states, the coward wasn’t there. His meaning was most fathers in urban communities do not have a role in raising their children. This is true, for the most part but most of these young dads are children themselves. They do not know how to be a daddy. Men are not natural parental masterminds like women. If takes time for them to develop. This song “Dear Daddy” is my personal struggles in dealing with a father who was not their but in the end finds god and became the father our family needed.

“Crunk 4 the lord” is a praise song. The definition of crunk is getting wild and crazy over something we love. Why can’t we get crunk for the lord? This track is a Christian club/event masterpiece. It allows our youth to feel good and dance for our lord and savior.

“Praise Ryders” Praise Ryders are a groups of young people that that ride for the cause. This is the theme song for all the Praise Ryders all over the



For years, I have been urged by my religious peers to put my musical gifts to a better, more rewarding use. After life changing events, I turned to Christ to for guidance and support. My personal and spiritual life took a major paradigm shift towards living the life that Christ had in store for me. This transformation not only changed my religious goals but it changed my musical lyrics, too. Although the sounds of the key strokes and bass notes have not changed much, the lyrical meaning changed drastically. This is one of the factors that drove me to the uplifting musical genre, Christian Crunk.

My pursuit to become a Christian Crunk artist was driven in part because of the love of the Crunk sound. My music does not carry the typical Crunk sound of the main stream media; my sound is a newer, fresher, more relaxed variant. Other situations that influenced me to migrate to this new genre were the need for it in urban culture. One day, I was talking to a fellow Christian artist about a house party he was asked to DJ. He had agreed to do the gig but quickly noticed that his musical arrangement and the music desired at the party was not one in the same. The young people at the party started making request for artists such as T-pain, Lil’ Jon and Little Wayne. As we continued to talk, we came to the conclusion that the fast paced tempo and catchy hooks were primarily the driving force in this style of music. We theorized that the ill lyrics was just the by-product of the music. We figured that positive lyrics that praise Christ would be just as effective but deliver a message that all young people need and could benefit from. Therefore; D-Cain, the newest Christian Crunk artist was born. The birth of this new style was welcomed by young people alike. There have been many times that youth members have came to me and said, “Your songs are my favorite church songs.” Although, this music was not created to replace classics such as “Amazing Grace” and “Rough Side of the Mountain”, it was created for three primary purposes: first, to meet the needs of Christians looking for that upbeat sound, second, to reach the ears of non-Christians, and to deliver the message of Christ that is lacking in today’s music, and most importantly, to praise and honor our lord in heaven. This is why we need your help. We feel that our music speaks for itself, but we do not have the outlets and distribution to get our music to the Christians and non-Christians around the world.