D.C. & Co.

D.C. & Co.

 Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Horn powered Rockin'Blues, Swing, Funk & Jazz that will turn any event into a party, and any music supplier into a hero!


Lancaster, Pa’s “D.C. & Co.” have been recording and performing their unique blend of horn-powered, rockin/blues, swing, funk, Latin, and jazz throughout the northeastern states since the mid 90’s. Combining road tested originals and custom tailored covers, this 8 piece band of extremely talented and diverse musicians has been labeled one of the areas’ best live bands. Drawing comparisons in press to “Allman Brothers meet Tower of Power”, and “Chicago with Santana and James Brown”, the most common adjective used to describe their performances has been “soul”. Soul Drenched, Soul Driven, Soul to soul, are just a few of the catch phrases that have been written. Band leader, songwriter, keyboardist, & vocalist, Dave Costarella explains, “I say it’s blues based, but the soul is where all the music comes from. The instruments and the vocals are just the vehicles to get it out. All these musicians play from the tips of their toes on up, we live it every time. There’s no sleep walking going on here.”

D.C. & Co.’s three CDs (Somethin’ Definitely Goin’ On 1994, Somethin’s Happenin’ 1997, Ain’t That Somethin’2003) of original songs have enjoyed world wide radio play and received rave reviews in international press while continuously charting in CMJ top 30 lists. With a brand new live CD “D.C. & Co. Alive” slated for release Jan. 2008, the band has captured the raw energy and musical spontaneity that have thrilled their audiences for over a decade. Instead of show casing their original songs as they’ve done on their studio CDs, the majority of tracks on this live CD feature cover songs (Stevie Wonder, Steven Stills, War, Billy Preston, Billy Holiday ect.) that the band has reinvented & turned into their own, over the years.

Dave Costarella and D.C. & Co. have performed and headlined in music festivals, city and corporate events and in clubs, through out PA, MD, NY, DE, & NJ. They’ve shared the
stage , recorded with and produced a vast amount of international talent, including, Room Full Of Blues, Commander Cody, Clarence Spady, Kenny Neal, The Reese Project, Frank DiNunzio, Robin Work, Eric Steckel, Ann Rabson, Tom Principato , Bill Kirchen, Sharrie Williams, to name a few. Their music has been featured in films and on major network television. D.C. & Co. continue to write and record new music and perform high energy live shows. For more information or bookings, please visit www.dcandco.net or call 717 293-0851.


What A But- But

Written By: Dave Costarella

She’s got a but –A what a but but
And I’m a what a but – but a what nut
Chorus……… I hate to see you go
But I love to watch you walk away
I hate to see you go – but I love to watch you walk away
I get so hypnotized just watching that thing swing and sway

Hey Little girl don’t you look so sad – Let’s be glad for the time we had
You’ve got your life and I got mine – We’ll get together when we have more the time
The last thing etched in my memory – is when you’ll be walking away from me

She’s got a but- a what a but –but
The kind that keeps you up all day
And I’m a nut- about what a but buts - baby won’t you let me play

Hey sweet taters, baby I like your style
With the come hither look – and the nice easy smile
But the thing that you got, keeps me coming around
Is the thing that sticks up when you’re touching the ground
I never had it so good – Oh girl don’t you know
I dig when you come and I digs when you go

Take Me Down

Written By: Dave Costarella & Doug Hill

Take Me Down

Take me to the river – Let my spirit carry me!

Take me down – I’ve been here too long
Got to move around – It’s been burning strong
I can hear the thunder – I can feel the rain
I got that Gypsy blood boiling in my veins
Take me down- I’ve been here too long

Come on Baby – You know I love you
Don’t try to save me – It’s what I must do
The water from the mountain – Runs in to the sea
Take me to the river and let my spirit carry me

My Christmas Baby

Written By: Dave Costarella

Ain’t you gonna be my Christmas baby
Don’t let me spend this holiday alone
It’s a snowin’ and a blowin’
Let’s go missile toein’
Kiss me Hold me tight
Don’t want no silent night

We’ll deck the halls and drink some eggnog too
Travel in a sleigh that’s made for me and you
Pulled by Donner, Dasher, Dancer
There’s only one right answer
Promise don’t say maybe
That you’ll be my Christmas baby

Peace on Earth and joy to men
I walk these city streets alone
Children sing and bells a ring
I got to find a Christmas baby
Why can’t I have my Christmas baby
I want a Christmas baby of my own

Now Santa grab your list and check it twice
Don’t it say that I’ve been good and nice
Gonna put you to the test
I won’t settle for nothin’ less
Say you’ll bring my Christmas baby
Say you’ll bring my Christmas baby
Say you’ll bring my Christmas baby home


"Somethin' Definately Goin' On" 1994 self released. Presently being distibuted by Cold Wind Records.

"Somethin's Happenin'" 1997 self released. Recievd rave reviews in national press airplay on radio stations through out the U.S.A. while continuosly charting on CMJ's top 30 charts. Presently being Nationally distributed by Cold Wind Records.

"Aint That somethin'" Just completed and to be released internationally Feb/March 2003 by Cold Wind Records.
Presently 3 tracks are being considered by Warner Bros. for use in film.

D.C. & Co. Alive to be released Jan. 2008

Set List

Depending on venue, band can go 100%
original or 50% Covers.
Originals as well as covers are very, very danceable.
Covers include songs by
Steivie Wonder,
Billy Preston,
Tower Of Power,
Doobie Bros.
James Brown,
Led Belly,
Las Lobos,
and many, many more.

Will work our set lengths to the venue's needs.
With 1, 2, or 3, -1 hour sets being the norm.
D.C. & Co. shows up to play, when head lining have played well over 2 hour sets.