Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA

Reincarnation of the god of music? Apollo is here at last! you won't be able to resist moving to the beating drum and quivering under the weight of the bass. You will hear the thunder of Zeus's lightning, and feel the shaking of Hades underneath you.

By the way, Yes, Apollo is my real name.


Dc Apollo (David Apollo) started experimenting with creating electronic music in 2009 starting out with FL Studio. Striving to produce the freshest sounding bass, the heaviest hitting drums, and freshest synths out there today, Apollo will blast you onto your feet into a rhythmic beat and on a electrifying journey deep thru your soul.

Apollo's influences range all the way from Bassnectar to Zedd, He loves the up and down vibe from dubstep bass lines, and the pumping synths making you jump non stop.


--under the name T.S.S.--
Where's the Pepper?
Where's the Pepper? Vol. 2
Where's the Pepper? - Single

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Set List

set list varies show to show.
I'll never let a audience hear the same set twice.