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"DCarlo gets rave reviews from detroitathome.com"

Is Detroit a city known for generating good rock bands, besides Ted Nugent and the Stooges? I’m not sure because usually when I think of Detroit, for some reason I only think of the Insane Clown Posse. Weird, huh? Yeah, well, I didn’t know good rock existed in Detroit until I heard Dcarlo.

I was pretty blown away by Dcarlo’s sound, and it is really less hard rock than I originally thought. Instead it leans more to the jazz/funk/classic infused rock category with songs full of graceful vocals, jazzy soaring guitar riffs and one pretty good drummer in Steve Wereley. Lucky Seven is a great song because it shows that Dcarlo can play technical music, with some different, mixed up time signatures and some honest chord progression. This track turns into something of a jam towards the end, which is welcomed. Not to mention the CD that Dcarlo sent me was live, but I didn’t know that until the last track. These guys don’t miss a beat and sound spot-on, even live.

At times I see a little bit of Incubus in Dcarlo, mixed with early Red Hot Chili Peppers and even some Dave Matthews. This band has to ability to creatively freeform its rock music, and can really be classified under a number of rock music categories. Overall, I was impressed by what I heard from this band and I am sure I will continue to be impressed with what I hear from it going forward.

In addition to wonderful originals, Dcarlo also enjoys mixing its set lists up a bit and tossing in a few cover songs from bands such as the Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Ween, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, The White Stripes, Wilco and Gomez.

Fans of good rock music should be on the lookout for Dcarlo; the guys really are a band that should on people’s musical radar for some time to come. - Brian Campbell

"Chatting with Dcarlo"

With a sound that is uniquely and undeniably their own, DCarlo hopes to freshen up the Detroit music scene one gig at a time. It is these same hopes and ambitions with which Steve Wereley, Judson Carroll, Chris Handloser, and James Decarlo hope to make the music of DCarlo a huge success. “We are rock with a subcategory of funk jazz,” said DCarlo drummer Steve Wereley, of whom has many opinions as did the rest of the band on the current music situation in the USA and in general. “They cram crap in your face that is easier to market”, said Wereley, and his fellow band mate Chris Handloser agreed. “The market is filled with shitty music”, said Handloser who went on to say that: “Good music is still out there as long as you search for it.” Yet, the question still remains what is the difference between good and bad music? Is it about corporate and independent labels? What about corporate and independent artists? For this, the band said what exactly they enjoyed listening to, and what as well as who they thought were the crappy artists out there in the music world today. “Some of the stuff we listen to is Wilco, SW, Ween, Simplicity, and Dave Weckl”, said DCarlo. Still when it came to the crappy stuff Handloser especially had no problem expressing his feelings about who does not possess any talent. “It’s people like Jessica Simpson, her sister Ashlee, John Mayer, and Jack Johnson, that really suck,” said Handloser. Furthermore, Steve threw in another name, and gave his opinion. “Jay-Z is a big fucking joke from a music standpoint”, said Wereley. Aside from namedropping and controversy, the band would go on to further speak about long term ambitions, how the band got its name, and just who out of the four of them has the most and gets the most groupies. “Our band name is really a very funny story because we were all sitting around and someone said as a joke lets name it DCarlo, and the rest is history”, said Wereley. As far as long term ambitions were concerned he would go on to say: “As long as I could play music and not have to do anything else to support myself that would be great.” Of course not to leave anyone out the other two band mates Judson Carroll and James Decarlo, laughed along with Chris and Steve, when asked that all important question about just who it is that gets the most groupies. “Judson’s nickname is Studson, but all in all it’s probably James who gets the most groupies,” said Handloser. When it comes to future dates DCarlo hopes to put on a show near you real soon, but for now you can check them out at: www.dcarlomusic.com. “We’d love to find a sweet keyboard player”, said DCarlo. For more information check out their website, which gives samples of music, pictures, the band bio, and of course show dates. So come on out and go with the flow, give them a shot, they’re DCarlo!
- Peter J King


Dcarlo EP:

Money Grubbers
Mental Orphans
Relieve Yourself
Don't Write



Dcarlo was formed when James DeCarlo, Judson Carroll, Steve Wereley, Micheal O'conner and Mike Wemhoff desided to continue where The Westfalia's left off. After moderate success around the Detroit area in the summer of '01 and winter of '02, Dcarlo found themselves short two memebers; Mike Wemhoff and Mike O'Conner. Wemhoff went to school to become a rocket scientist and O'Conner wanted to seek other life opportunities. Knowing that rocking was in thier souls DCarlo knew they had to continue on, so Judson suggested the contact an old life long friend, Chris Handloser. Judson knew he was an experienced player, playing in many local bands most notably Jebus, a lansing based group.

Since the group has become whole they have captivated audiences and built a strong and growing fan base thoughout Michigan with their signature fusion of driving riffs and catchy hits.

In the July of '03 Dcarlo made their first appearance at the Beaver Island Music Festival on beautiful Beaver Island Michigan. Hosted by the Burton's, Danny and Carol, the festival lasts two days, the third day allows people to soak up the scenes or to make the last ferry ride to Charlevoix. Dcarlo also played Beaver Island Music Festival July of '04 as well as '05 and this most recent festival happened July 21st and 22nd of 2007. Since the first festival DCarlo has become island regulars and look forward to more great festivals in the future.

Dcarlo is currently working on their first full legth album at MacTech Studios. Although hard at work in the studio, Dcarlo is still performing live and having a fun time doing so.

Dcarlo has performed at many venues such as; Atwater Block Brewery,Beaver Island Music Fest '03,'04,'05,'07, Bell's Eccenitic Cafe, Cadiuex Cafe,Churchill's, Double Olive, Old Pointe Bar, St. Albertus Music Fest 2005, Jacoby's, The New Dodge, The Belmont, Third Street Saloon, The Majestic Theater, Villiage Idiot,. Sharing the stage with such acts as; Simplicity, Dubphonics, Devon Allman, Hot Club of Detroit, The Muggs, Prisoners of Paradise, Jason Croff Band, Catfish Mafia, The Ragbirds, Hairshirt, L.L.E, Glowb, The Sherry, Hogan Says, Sparklemotion, The Family Tree