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Somerville, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Somerville, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Pop




"Straight Out Of Somerville"

Known together as DC FAM and respectively as Third Degree, Real Wil, K Street and Renzo, the group is headlining an event featuring DJ Stix from Hot 97 Boston and performances by Concep, Cav Bernah, Black Roze and Fly Rydaz.
And if you recognize none of the names listed above: fear not! You can read more about DC FAM in the next print issue of Somerville Scout. - Somerville Scout

"Phoenix 2011 Rap Class"

3rddy Baby mentioned in 2011 Boston Rap Class after success of Latest Single "Im On Fire" Ft. Renzo - Phoenix

"Blow My High Premiere"

Some of the most memorable and successful music videos haven’t involved luxurious cars, cruise ships, and expensive jewelry, but rather a deeper look into an artist’s personal life.

K Street’s new video for his hit single “Blow My High” achieves just that as the Boston bred emcee brings viewers back to a mid 90s type of vibe with shots of his illustrious city and scenes of him and fellow DC FAM member Suits the Role Model laying down their lyrics in the studio,.

Add to the video a young version of K Street listening to tracks as a child, then fast forward to a scene with the present day artist getting ready to record his next hit and you have the perfect recipe for proving to Nas another reason why Hip Hop is far from dead.

“Blow My High” is a dynamic track that showcases the upcoming artist’s versatile flow and is bound to be the next feel good jam of the summer out in Boston, so Jammin' 94.5 DJ's better have their rotations ready. - StopSellingDreams.Com


"Im On fire, Beam Me Up" DCFAM 3rddy Baby Ft. Renzo

"Eyes Wide Open" DCFAM Renzo Ft. Suits The RoleModel & 3rddy Baby

"Blow My High" Kstreet Ft. Suits The RoleModel

"Her Eyes" Suits The RoleModel Ft. Renzo

"Suede" Suits The RoleModel

Party Til Latenight Suits The RoleModel

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The Group DC F.A.M is based out of Boston and has been building a name through New England as the next Big music group. The 3 MCs (3rddy Baby, Kstreet, Suits) and an R&B singer (Renzo) all in they're early 20s have been preforming up and down the East coast for the last year building their Fan Base as well perfecting a great live show. A show that includes live guitar, bass, drums, and keys. To date they have performed over 30 venues in 7 different states. First single "Im On Fire, Beam Me Up" by 3rddy Baby and Renzo has Had over 160,000 views on youtube.

after broke by Jamn 94.5 Dj PupDawg its had over 3000 clear channel spins nationwide. April of this year General Electric, after hearing about how well received DC F.A.M was Live, hired DC F.A.M as the Main Act For their East Coast Family Day which had over 8,000 in attendance.

Like most up and coming artists, DC F.A.M., without an industry connection, has had to blaze their own trail in the hopes of getting discovered. The learning experience as a result, has been invaluable.
“We kind of had to learn everything on our own. We had to piece it all together,” said 3rddy Baby.

“You can’t really jump into the game…We always knew from jump street that we needed to get our credibility [up] and our grind known,” added Suits. “[I] love putting in the work. We know the tools that are accessible to us It’s just about putting in that work and that’s what we’re ready to do.”

DC F.A.M (DarkCloud Family And Money)
Through a multitude of promotional appearances and Performances has been building a large Supportive Fan Base through out New England and has become an emerging Presence at any and every Hip Hop show around the Boston Area.

“We always want the best for our records.” Even if it means experimenting with their sound: an eclectic mix of lyrical hip-hop, up tempo electro-pop beats and complimentary infusions of harmonies and melodies. A style more mainstream, they are fully aware of and comfortable with, as it’s their words that are the focus more so than their background beats.
“We don’t feel like we’re compromising because the lyrics are always Dope regardless of the beat. Hip-hop is the foundation,” said Suits.

The Only Way is Up

Home to some of the most prestigious educational and medical institutions in the world, Boston isn’t viewed as a community bursting at the seams with fresh hip-hop artists hustling to get their big break. D.C.F.A.M. is ready to change that with the intention of putting East Coast hip-hop back on the map.

“[Boston hip-hop] has a pulse,” said Suits. “Boston is one of the oldest cities in the country. There is a lot of history here that hasn’t been spoken on or touched on in our genre of music. We’re just doing our part to bring that out.”

“There’s no fear in our music. We’re not scared to tell the truth, there’s nothing that we gotta hide. We’re not a fake group. It’s just fun. It comes easy to us and we’re just excited to give it to the public,” he added.

“Anybody here…can be a star. Anybody here has what it takes to really do something real special in the music industry. You know, it’s not like there’s a weaker individual, it’s just like there’s a different component to the whole overall system,” said 3rddy Baby. “There are a lot of groups out there that try to do it, try to mesh together but it doesn’t work. Whereas we just come together and it’s just flawless magic.”

“Together we feel like we can do things that have never even been heard about or thought of,” added K Street. “Nobody brings the type of music to the table that we bring. We’re a whole completely different sound. You couldn’t really categorize us…You couldn’t really put us in one box. Individually, we all have enough talent to go places but together, we’re pretty unstoppable.”

That talent has given them the opportunity to work with platinum producer, Lou Ballz, best known for his work with former local hip-pop trio, LFO, and with Young Money Entertainment rapper, Tyga, on the 2008 single “Coconut Juice” (featuring Travie McCoy).

Ballz produced four of the D.C.F.A.M.’s current track, including "Im On Fire” and Eyes Wide Open. Music videos for, "Im On Fire" "Eyes Wide Open" and "Blow My High" are currently making waves on YouTube.com/Mainconcerntv

2012 is going to be a big year for us,” said Suits The RoleModel.

“We’re your next favorite group,” DC F.A.M