Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA
BandHip HopPop

We sound like a group of musically talented friends who smoke waaaay too much pot and have a good time around one another. The vibe from our music is also the vibe of our shows which have been compared to Wiz Khalifa/Curren$y & Tabi Bonney shows. Good music, good times, positive energy. DcGrindhouse


Wow. This is where the too much pot comes into play... I'll give it a shot tho...

Sonny Duboise is little a less intrusive Pdiddy. He has an incredible ear for hooks and melodies and for the most part is behind the scenes. He is apart of everything tho.

Vito Bronson is one of the most lyrically complex emcees I've heard since Eminem. Just like the aforementioned his music is a combination of pain, rebellion and humor. Audiences really respond to his passionate delivery.

Zola Duboise is a Sonnys little sister and the face of the company. Her underground single "Luhdafugginhate" is already generating a buzz and she's being requested for guest appearances all over the DMV. Her persona is a playfully self-centered party girl that everyone loves.

Da Luva is a very different type of "femcee" in contrast to Zola. While Zola was raised in the suburbs, Da Luva was raised in Brentwood projects of Washington,D.C. She's also a single parent with roots sing lead for her church choir. She's been compared to Lauryn Hill because of her seemingly effortless transitions between dope lyricist & talented vocalist.

Mazzi is a 6'5. 340lb Rick Ross Biggie type emcee (as far as look and swag). Spending more than half of his adult life in prison, his relaxed demeanor is almost off-putting. However, his nonchalance at the threshold of gaining/losing it all comes across in his music and stage show.

This is Grindhouse. In the neighborhoods we grew up in there was a variation of each of those people in our class, neighborhood, home..etc. The fact that these people are being completely honest about who they are warms people up to us quickly. Open mics and live shows have been really good to us. This is a continuance of that.



The Bronic - available on www.vitobronson.com