DCP plays an eclectic mix of rock, metal, funk, jazz, folk, punk, country and rap music.


DCP was created by Don Cross and Susan Krebs in Phoenix, Arizona in 2000 as a studio band to record music for a musical Don had written. The musical was called "The Susan Chronicles". "It is based on some life experiences that Don and Susan shared mixed with fantasy" said Don. From 2000 to 2003, DCP recorded 4 full-length CD's. The song styles found on the CD's ran the gambit from metal to gospel. "I wanted to play all the different styles that I enjoyed and not be locked into one sound" said Don about DCP's music. After some good responses by friends and family to the recordings, Don and Susan decided to turn DCP into a full-time recording and performing group. Steve and Mary had been part of the recording project since 2000 and were a natural fit to join DCP full-time. After a few temporary guitarist sat in with the band, DCP finally found a permanant guitarist from the Indian Reservation named Arrow. DCP started performing live in the Phoenix area in February of 2005 and have done 30 shows so far to rave reviews. The band has a double-CD of new music to be released in 2006 and plans to continue playing as many live shows as possible. "We won't stop until we reach our goal, world domination"


Place In Heaven

Written By: Don Cross

Lord, I have fallen
And I need your saving grace
God, I trampled through your garden
Do you still have a place, for me?

Do I have hope?
Do I have time?
To redeem myself
And find my place in heaven

Lord, can you hear me calling?
Or am I alone in my disgrace?
God, show me I’m not forgotten
And that you still have a place, for me

Lord, I can hear you calling
I feel your warm embrace
God, I’m glad I’m not forgotten
And that you still have a place, for me

Now I have hope
And I have time
I can redeem myself
I have a place in heaven


DCP- The Susan Chronicles-released in 2000
Full-length CD (10 tracks). All songs written by Don Cross. Featured songs include "Fingers", "Fluid" and "Behind You".

DCP- Irreconcilable Differences- released in 2000
Full-length CD (11 tracks). All songs written by Don Cross. Often referred to as "The divorce album" since the songs were inspired by Don's 2nd divorce. Featured songs include "Place in Heaven", "Watching and Waiting" and "The Letter".

DCP- The Susan Chronicles II- released in 2001
Full-length CD (11 tracks). All songs written by Don Cross. This is the first DCP album to feature horns. Featured songs include "Girlpower", Trailer Park Mama" and "Why Couldn't I be Your Lover?"

DCP- The Susan Chronicles III- released in 2003
Full-length CD and play (15 tracks-15 skits). All songs written by Don Cross. The album is unique because the play is recorded along with the music. Featured tracks include "Regret", "Deep"and "Beautiful Angel".

DCP- Serpent of Eve- released in 2003
Full-length CD (10 tracks). Features 4 tracks written by long time friend Evo. This album features more of a straight ahead pop sound than previously released DCP albums. Tracks include "Noneya", "Secret World" and " I Think Your Sister's Pretty".

DCP- Retards on Dope/Boys are Nice and Warm-Set to be released in late 2006.
Double-Length CD (20 tracks) All songs written by Don Cross. This album will feature a "boys" CD and a "girls" CD. Tracks include "Cherry", "Party in My Pants" and "My Night at the Bunny Ranch".

Set List

A typical DCP set list:
1) Place in Heaven- 5:00
2) Regret- 4:50
3) Scar- 3:45
4) Think About it- 3:30
5) Ride- 6:45
6) The Letter- 6:00
7) Watching and Waiting- 4:00
8) Wide Load- 3:00
9) My Night at the Bunny Ranch- 4:30
10) Trailer Park Mama- 4:50