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"Dirty Mitten Funk review"

Dirty Mitten Funk review - Detroit Crunkstars debut album, is a tribute to partying, good times, hip hop, and of course low-down dirty funk. With a pension for raising cups, and dropping bass lines thicker than, well a hippopotamus fat bitch in a thong the DCS has created a high energy, fun loving, party album that still maintains the character and craft of funk/Hip-Hop predecesors such as Parliament, James Brown, RunDMC and early Beastie Boys. Overall, Dirty Mitten Funk will drop it down, make you raise your drink in the air, and move your ass to the dance floor. - J.T.

"DMF review"

Dirty Mitten Funk is the best CD that I have heard in a long long time. Since I started the podcast, I have a lot of music to listen to in order to decide whether or not I want to play it on the show. So much so that I no longer listen to the radio or my CD collection or any of the mp3s that I have on my computers. I rarely listen to a song more than once during this process because if it doesn't grab me the first time I listen to it chances are I'm not going to play it. All that said, once I put DMF in my car's CD player, I listened to it about five times in a row before I finally took it out. I loaned it to Jim Matt because he was curious about it, but I'm going to rush him to return it as soon as possible. - http://www.deliberatenoise.com

"another DMF review"

You know, as a musician, I've always felt that it's important to hear, and appreciate, all kinds of music. Until I heard youse guys, I thought funk was, UNFORTUNATELY, just another style that had been absorbed into the mainstream. Since I began encouraging locals to bring me some of their music to play in my store, I've learned that it's quite different for all kinds of music, ESPECIALLY the funk. Not that I've had so many takers so far (i.e., people who have brought me their music) but of all of them, the disc I pop in most regularly (and the one I get asked about the most) is "Dirty Mitten Funk." It's usually the first thing I put on! I find myself jammin' to it as I'm working the midnight shift at 7-Eleven and the groove never fails to keep me on track... it definitely gets my game up. I hope to be able to get out to see you guys at a show soon... working at night has its ups and downs. Keep up the good groove - playing music is so great when you can forget about being "serious," innit?
- 7-11 Guy

"about DCS"

“Detroit Crunkstar is a blend of crunkadelic dirty mitten funk rap jam that aims to raise your beer in the air while making asses drop to the floor all at once. Crazy? Indeed, and the drunker you (and they) get, the higher the toast and the lower the booty bounces. Crunkstar is the fermented beginning to an herbaceous evening.”

Real Detroit Weekly, March 14-20, 2007 - Real Detroit Weekly


'Dirty Mitten Funk' full length CD, NOMINEE for OUTSTANDING URBAN/FUNK/HIP-HOP RECORDING at the Detroit Music Awards 2006

'Freak Nasty Volume Two' full length CD 2008



“Too many ‘artists’ out there take themselves way too seriously. Why make music if you don’t enjoy it?” questions ‘Grip’ of DCS “We like to party and have a good time. Our genuine enjoyment comes through in our music and on stage, it makes us who we are.”

In a short period of time Detroit Crunkstar has accomplished many goals. DCS has 2 studio releases: ‘Dirty Mitten Funk’ (which was nominated for a Detroit Music Award in 2006) & 'Freak Nasty Volume Two' in 2008. They have toured all over Michigan and the Midwest playing at nationally renowned venues such as St. Andrews Hall, The Magic Stick, The Blind Pig, and The Emerald Theater. The Crunkstars also have played with other notable regional acts such as Funkilinium, Downtown Brown, The Amino Acids, Hot Sauce, Dubphonics, Otto Vector, Heiruspecs, and The Natives of the New Dawn. Making a name for themselves through their powerfully hype and non-apologetic live performances, DCS has proven that they are not a band to be taken lightly.

To come to a show you can expect to see The DCS Crew getting their shine on as they build upon the already solid foundation they have laid. As this young and talented group continues to grow and expand upon their uniquely fresh, get down and dirty style of funk, hip-hop, and rock fusion it is guaranteed you have not heard the last of The Crunkadelic.