DCS - Detroit Crunkstar

DCS - Detroit Crunkstar


Detroit Crunkstar is a tribute to good times, hip hop, rock, and of course low-down dirty funk. With a pension for raising cups, and dropping thick bass lines DCS has created a high energy, fun loving, party that will make you raise your drink in the air, and move your ass to the dance floor.


“Too many ‘artists’ out there take themselves way too seriously. Why make music if you don’t enjoy it?” questions ‘Grip’ of DCS “We like to party and have a good time. Our genuine enjoyment comes through in our music and on stage, it makes us who we are.”

In a short period of time Detroit Crunkstar has accomplished many goals. DCS has 2 studio releases: ‘Dirty Mitten Funk’ (which was nominated for a Detroit Music Award in 2006) & 'Freak Nasty Volume Two' in 2008. They have toured all over Michigan and the Midwest playing at nationally renowned venues such as St. Andrews Hall, The Magic Stick, The Blind Pig, and The Emerald Theater. The Crunkstars also have played with other notable regional acts such as Funkilinium, Downtown Brown, The Amino Acids, Hot Sauce, Dubphonics, Otto Vector, Heiruspecs, and The Natives of the New Dawn. Making a name for themselves through their powerfully hype and non-apologetic live performances, DCS has proven that they are not a band to be taken lightly.

To come to a show you can expect to see The DCS Crew getting their shine on as they build upon the already solid foundation they have laid. As this young and talented group continues to grow and expand upon their uniquely fresh, get down and dirty style of funk, hip-hop, and rock fusion it is guaranteed you have not heard the last of The Crunkadelic.


'Dirty Mitten Funk' full length CD, NOMINEE for OUTSTANDING URBAN/FUNK/HIP-HOP RECORDING at the Detroit Music Awards 2006

'Freak Nasty Volume Two' full length CD 2008

Set List

1 We Ready
2 Get Live {Freak Nasty Vol.1}
3 How Does It Go?
4 Live Defiant
5 Earthquakers
6 What’s on your Mind?
7 Beer Slam
8 Hipo
9 Want This
10 Soup
11 Fu?ked Up
12 Calypsodon
13 Dawg
14 Crunkadial
15 Fleetwood
16 Drink Beer...
17 Moon Shine Peaches
18 Chicken Stick
19 I Don’t Care
23 Fire
24 Use Me
25 Boom
26 The Hangover